In the past few decades, going to work then coming home and doing the house chores would leave one totally exhausted. Fixing meals that were nutritious and healthy often led to families eating dinner late in the night since the meal preparation time took as long as the cooking itself.

Thankfully, the dilemma of food preparation has now changed drastically. With the invention of cool kitchen gadgets, it’s now possible to prepare wonderfully healthy and nutritious foods in the fraction of the time that it took several years before.

You don’t have to but you can connect to at least some of them to your best laptop under $800 or so you bought recently. 

These kitchen gadgets are not only highly-rated time savers but also won’t take much space in your kitchen. Keep reading to learn some of the most creative cool kitchen gadgets for home improvement.


1. Apple Slicer

 If you like to snack, bake, dip and arrange tasty apple snacks, then apple slicer is a must-have tool. This unique easy to grip slicer has the added advantage of large sturdy handles to provide you with easy slicing.

It also has raised construction so you don’t knock your knuckles on the chopping board.

2. Smart Microwave

Thanks to technology, the smart microwave that has already taken the world by storm. It’s not only the smallest microwave in the world but also allows you to prepare or warm your meal via the USB port of your laptop.

Whether you have a small kitchen space or not you can easily set this microwave and prepare or warm your meals without any issue.

3.Slow Cooker

This is one of the most popular kitchen gadgets that have ever been created. Also known as crock-pot, with this gadget it’s quite possible to create an incredible meal while you are still at work.

Since it prepares the food slowly throughout the day it helps save a lot of time. By the time you get back home, you’ll find your dinner ready.

4.Vegetable Spiralizer

 Spiraling can be a bit tricky if you’ve never done it before. Luckily with this cool kitchen gadget with an angel hair blade, flat blade and a spaghetti blade you can make the whole work effortless.

5.Automatic Jar Opener

If there is something that jars have in common then it’s their stubborn lid. Instead of struggling with a jar you just need to let the jar opener do the work for you.

With a simple push of the button, the automatic jar opener will adjust to the lid and open it without any issues.

6.Magnetic Knife Holder

Why should you have the normal knife holder when you can hang your knives right on the wall and create some space?

This unique knife holder can allow you to hold your knife with its unique magnetic design. Since it’s quite easy to install, you’ll save a lot of space on your countertop and significantly improve your home.

7.Automatic Sugar Dispenser

With an automatic sugar dispenser, you can measure a perfect half teaspoon of sugar with each push of a button. It’s, therefore, a great way to track your sugar consumption without using the spoon.

8.Nesting Kitchenware Set

If you want to wipe up a tasty meal within no time then you need to get this space-saving kitchenware. This 9 piece set comes with a collection of measuring cups and bowls, two mixing bowls, stainless steel, sieve, and stainless steel colander.

The smaller mixing bowl is also fitted with built-in measurements and spout to speed up the preparation process.

9.Non-Stick Kitchen Tool Set

This unique set comes with essential cooking tools that every cook needs. Since it’s coated with nylon nonstick materials it’s quite easy to use with any cookware.

Generally, it includes a slotted spoon, flexible slotted turner, sturdy turner, sleek stainless steel canister, and a large ladle


A mixer is also a very important kitchen gadget that no home can do without. Whether it’s a hand mixer or stand mixer no home should be without one.

With this kitchen gadget, you can easily create decadent desserts or whipped potatoes within no time.

11.Espresso Machines

When you consider just how expensive those delicious espresso cups of coffee can be, living the café lifestyle is not an easy thing to do.

Thankfully, with an espresso machine at your disposal, you can enjoy your favorite coffee without having to pay those hefty prices.

12.Deep Fryer

There is no point in having a kitchen gadget at home when you are not using it. Nowadays, there are some superb deep fryers on the market that you can use.

These deep fryers offer a new way of frying food which is not only safer but also energy efficient.

13.Yogurt Maker

Yogurt is one of the healthiest drinks to have in your diet. The only problem is that keeping stocked up with it which is a bit expensive.

With a good yogurt maker for your home, you can prepare the entire yogurt that you want. Apart from the ingredients, this gadget comes with everything that you need to make yogurt. Additionally, it’s easy to use, clean and very cost-effective.

14.Food Dehydrator

 Snacking can be very costly.  However, snacking on vegetables and fruits that have been dried is both tasty and healthy.

With the food hydrator you can easily dry your fruits and vegetables so that you get to enjoy a delicious snack without the cost to your waistline.

15.Scale Measuring Spoon

With the technological advancement, you can now get a scale measuring spoon that gives you the volume as well as the weight of what you are measuring.

The automatic accumulated measurement will also help you keep track of recurring spoonfuls so you don’t make a mistake.

16.Laser Engraved Rolling Pins

If you intend to create beautiful cookie patterns then you need to get this cool kitchen gadget. Since they come with all manner of patterns you can comfortably make what you want.  The good thing is that they even make kid sizes for little ones so your children can have fun.

17.Offer Sink Cutting Board

If you intend to add more prep area to your kitchen you need this cutting board. For easy rinsing of your vegetables, it also comes with an expandable colander.

18.Onion Chopper

If there is one thing that most people fear, it’s chopping the onions. Thankfully, with this onion chopper, you don’t have to cover your eyes since it covers the onions.

It allows you to chop your onions straight into the container so as to minimize onion vapors and reduce tears.

19.Smart Pot Stirrer

If you are tired of standing over your pot and stirring for minutes every time then you can get this smart stirrer to do the job for you. With this smart pot-stirrer making that risotto recipe will be less complicated.

20.Touch Sensing Faucets

Even if you are holding a heavy pot, touch sensing faucets are convenient and hygienic. Ideally, they will provide you with the best of dispensability, quality, and beauty.

21.Multipurpose Butter Knife

Cutting cold butter can be one of the most challenging processes especially if you want to use it immediately. This butter knife features slots and holes that will help you make precise butter cuts with a lot of ease.

It can also slice, grate, and curl your butter to give a little extra flare.

22.Smartphone Controlled Smart Kettle

 If you are a fan of connected devices then you’ll surely love this smart kettle. You can use the app to set the temperature and start heating your water from anywhere in the house.

It also has a wakeup and welcome home modes that will automatically remind you so you don’t forget to set your kettle. Plus with its scheduling, you’ll have a hot brew ready right when you need it.

23.Tech Drop Kitchen Scale

Measuring ingredients can be a headache more so if you don’t know how to go about it. But with this unique kitchen scale, you’ll have a convenient and easy way to measure your ingredients without dirtying too many spoons and bowls.

Its official iOS app will even provide you with several interactive recipes to help you whip out impressive meals to perfection.

24.Butter Spreader Knife

If you are looking for easy toast application then you should get this spreader knife. It will help you shred your butter so you can apply it without any hassles.


A blender should top your list if you are looking for cool kitchen gadgets for home improvement. In fact, your kitchen is not usually complete without a good blender. The good thing with a blender is that you can create tons of healthy recipes.

A good blender will come in handy during summer when smoothies are very popular. Besides smoothies, you can also use them to create creams and soups.


Almost similar to a blender the only difference is that a juicer can remove fiber from fruits and vegetables this making the nutrients easier to absorb.

With a combination of the right vegetables and fruits, you’ll be able to produce powerful drinks that will give you maximum health benefits.

Wrapping Up

Whether you believe or not there are several kitchen gadgets in every kitchen. These are just some of the wonderful kitchen gadgets. You can always take advantage of these gadgets if you want to improve your kitchen experience and your home as well.

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