Whenever the question comes in mind that which is the most important part of the house the answer is always the kitchen. The kitchen indeed is the heart and soul of a house as you spend time there to create delicious and hearty meals for your family.

This makes it crucial that the kitchen is kept neat an organized at all times. Otherwise, it becomes a difficult task to work in a messy kitchen where you cannot even find anything when you need it.

Nothing gets to be more annoying than cooking in a kitchen that is not well organized. So, we have come up with some of the easiest and effective ways of how you can keep your kitchen organized and make more space. Without any further due, let’s head straight into the details.

Use small sized lidded containers to organize the kitchen drawers and keep things sorted

The kitchen drawers are one of the messiest parts of the kitchen. They always tend to get overloaded and crowded with so many junks and other kitchen accessories that it becomes impossible to find something.

We have all tried organizing it but no matter what you and how you put the things inside the drawer it will eventually end up in a tangled mess.

So here is a great idea that we have for you. Get some lidded containers and place all the similar types of items in each of the jars and put them back in the drawers.

You can then rest assured that the items inside the junk drawers will never wind up in a pile of tangled mess and it will be much easier for you to identify and find something when you need.

This is also a great way to make more space inside the kitchen drawers.

Use a glass jar to store all the measuring spoons in it

Glass jars are very useful around the kitchen to stack things up in. Whether its long spoons or the measuring spoons you can put them in the jar and place it by the stove.

Using a glass jar to store the spoons in is a brilliant way to decorate your kitchen plus it keeps the kitchen top neat and organized. As all you measuring spoons will be stacked in one single jar you will not have to go look out for them in every single drawer while cooking.

This is a great way to also save some spare space in the drawers as well. Once you are done using them you can clean the spoons up and put them back in the jars by the stove.

Try using hooks around the kitchen to hang cooking and cleaning accessories

The cooking and cleaning accessories fill up all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen but it becomes hard to accommodate larger pans, ladles and cleaning cloths in the small cabinets and drawers.

But worry no more as this idea will immediately help you make more space in the kitchen and organize all those kitchen accessories that you have difficulty to fit in the drawers.

All you have to do is get some adhesive hooks. You can find them available in any supermarket and they come pretty cheaply as well. So, bring in some of the hooks and attach some near the sink, some near the stove and cooking area and some may be behind the kitchen door to hang the cooking apron in.

You can hand all the larger cleaning brushes and cloths in the hooks near the sink and the spoons and skewers near the stove as per your convenience.

Use some flatware organizers in order to keep the drawers organized

Do you face the problem when all the forks, skewers and chopsticks and other longer items pile up in a complete mess in the kitchen drawers? Well, we can all relate to that scenario and it is very annoying.

But we have an idea that just for you and trust us you will never have a messy kitchen drawer ever again. Get some flatware organizers and arrange them accordingly inside your drawers. Once you have set them properly put all your longer utensils accordingly inside the drawer and organize them as per category.

This will help you to keep things neat in the kitchen and find things quickly as well.

Stack the cutting boards in a magazine holder

Did you know that magazine holders work great as small shelves for thin items like cutting boards? The cutting board is one of those items that just really blocks a lot of space and even looks odd displayed right in front of the eye in the kitchen.

Plus, the size and shape of the cutting boards also make it difficult to find them inside the tiny kitchen drawers.

Instead of putting them just on the display of the kitchen you can bring in a magazine holder and attack it using hook then stack the cutting boards in it. This looks cute all in all plus keeps the kitchen look neat.

You can even attach the holder inside the cabinets and keep it concealed if you like.


These tips and ideas are very easy to execute and carry out, plus you do not need to invest a lot of money into it.

All the items that you will need to organize the kitchen come at pretty decent and affordable prices and are readily available in the market as well.

So all you have to do is get these simple items and they take a day to organize the kitchen top, drawers, and cabinets. Trust us, you will never have a messy and disorganized kitchen ever again if you use these helpful tips and tricks.

After all, nobody wants to cook and function in a kitchen where nothing is in the place that they are meant to be.  A disorganized kitchen is not only difficult to work in but also looks very unattractive and appealing.

Hence try out these above tips to help you with maintaining a neat kitchen.

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