Aroma electric water kettle reviews

Aroma electric water kettle reviews – For years I have been heating my water for tea in the microwave. Recently I’ve begun to think that this might be a huge waste of time and energy, and maybe even a bit of a health risk. So I decided to look into other options. I tried a stove top kettle and found that I’m a little too absent minded for that solution. Forgetting to turn it off can lead to a call to the local fire department – oops!  And, that annoying whistling noise can really interrupt the serenity of sipping a cup of chai tea.

I’ve recently discovered electric water kettles and decided this might just be the answer I’ve been looking for.  After investigating different brands I ended up choosing the Aroma Hot H20 X-Press Electric Water Kettle.

This nifty appliance provides more speed and convenience than traditional stovetop kettles, and of course, increased safety. The compact, cordless body of this kettle is amazingly good looking with a sleek stainless steel finish and a somewhat retro appearance, which is great for that mid-century modern look that’s so hot now.

This kettle has a 1.5 liter capacity which makes it ideal for a variety of uses – hot tea of course, but also soups, instant coffee, hot chocolate, noodles, baby formula, pasta and more. And since it heats so quickly, water boils at a cup of minute speed, it’s much more efficient than boiling water on the stove.

I like that the pot is lightweight, even when full, and has a big sturdy handle that is very comfortable to use. It pours nicely, no nasty dripping. Almost all of the reviews I read on this kettle agreed that the water tastes good and clean, no metallic taste and no aftertaste like plastic models.  There is a removable mesh decalcification filter to help remove mineral impurities from the water.

Aroma electric water kettle reviews – nice and safety

The safety of this kettle has really impressed me. Features like cordless pouring and the 360 degrees swivel base, which allows left or right handed gripping, remove the dangers and inconveniences of other kettles. Other safety features include the easy-grip handle, stay-cool handles and base, drip-free pouring spout and the automatic shut off with boil dry protection. You won’t find that boil dry protection  feature on any stove top kettle! Also, the lid is attached by a hinge and snaps shut securely, eliminating the danger of it falling off and scalding the user.

The kettle has smooth clean lines inside and out and no exposed heating element inside so it’s very easy to clean.

A few of the reviews I read complained that Aroma’s limited warranty wasn’t the best. But since most reviewers found this to be a solidly built, long lasting unit, that’s probably a minor consideration. Following the manual’s instructions correctly should lead to a long and happy union for the user and the kettle.

In my opinion, The Aroma Hot H20 X-Press is a visually attractive and functionally satisfying appliance. And the price makes it a real value.  Check out Amazon for the best price on this vital little kitchen appliance.

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