Berti Cheese Knives Review

Berti Cheese Knives Review – Alessi has teamed up with Berti Cutlery producers from Italy to create their La Via Lattea cheese knife sets. There is one set for hard cheese and one for soft, and each set sells for $400. The sets also come with a nice cotton or wooden carrying case and a guide for cutting and tasting Italian cheeses. It is a great looking set even if the price is rather steep.Berti Cheese Knives Review

Berti Cutlery is an established knife making company from Tuscany now in its fourth generation of knife making. Founded in 1895, the company still adheres to old-world tradition and quality. Every Berti knife maker goes through an 8-year apprenticeship to learn the company’s bladesmith techniques, and the knives are guaranteed for life. What is also unique is that each individual knife is hand forged by one person from start to finish and ultimately signed by its creator.

You can purchase Berti knives from several US retailers to include: Unica Home, Tabula Tua, Napa Style, Shop Style, and The Italian Art Shop. If you want to know more about this renowned cutlery company, Tableware Today has a good article about the firm’s history. You can also purchase on Amazon.

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