Pepper and spice grinders differ from each other not only by operation (mechanical, electric), but also by the grinding mechanism and other small details that significantly contribute to the work with the product. Did you know that some models have integrated lighting, so you can clearly see the amount of ground spices even on darker dishes? Did you know that you can regulate the coarseness of the grind and that the design of this regulation is also important? We’ve put everything you wanted to know about spice grinders into an easy-to-follow article.


Reviews of pepper, salt and spice grinders

For our test, we have selected primarily electric models, but you will also find representatives from mechanical products. In our evaluation, we focused primarily on the manufacturing materials of the body, but also the grinding mechanism. We did not forget to evaluate the coarseness settings and the overall ergonomics. Find out how our test turned out.

Lamart lt7012 gravity grinder

Type electric gravity
Version stainless steel, plastic, acrylic
Grinding mechanism Ceramic
Tray transparent
Spice type salt, pepper, other spices
Adjustable grinding coarseness yes
Operation 6x AAA batteries
Dimensions in cm 6 x 25
Lighting No

Lamart gravity grinder LT7012 attracts especially for its appearance and quality production materials not only of the whole product, but also of the grinding mechanism, which is ceramic. The purchase price is also pleasing., which is relatively low considering the production materials. A plus is definitely also adjustable grinding coarseness, which is done by turning the using a small plastic knob.

The big drawback that most users agree on is the lack of a powerful motor, which uses a total of 6 batteries. This is quite a lot. You will usually see this number in products with two magazines, not one. Extra batteries not included, so you have to buy them. So you have to take into account that the purchase price will increase.

You can tell if the motor isn’t powerful enough by this, that it’s jamming as it grinds.. Because the grinding should start automatically when the grinder is turned, it doesn’t happen because of the weak motor always. So definitely this is not a product that should be harnessed to continuous operationbut rather to flavor the food on the plate. In addition. it’s heavy in the handwhich is a nuisance when used frequently in cooking.

In general, the advantage of gravity grinders is that the spices do not fall off the grinding mechanism after grinding, as the product is placed in the grinding mechanism upwards.

  • quality materials
  • ceramic grinding mechanism
  • grinding setting
  • high battery consumption
  • a weak motor that sometimes makes the grinder not grind at all and when it does, it grinds slowly

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Lamart lt7011 electric grinder grind

Type Electric
Version soft plastic, acrylic, stainless steel
Grinding mechanism Ceramic
Tray transparent
Spice type salt, pepper, other spices
Adjustable grinding coarseness Yes
Operation 4x AAA batteries
Dimensions in cm 6 x 23
Lighting Yes

Rating of the electric grinder Lamart LT7011 we can can be described as half and half. The advantage of the product is light weightbecause it is mostly made of plastic. Apparently only the button that you use to start the grinding is stainless steel. We see this as an advantage the transparent hopper, which allows you to check how much spice is left in the container. The maintenance of the product is easy, as the plastic is easy to wipe clean.

This model is equipped with a small LED lightingso you can always see clearly how much spice you have already ground. You will be pleased to know that you can adjust the coarseness of the grind. The control is located on the bottom of the in the middle of the grinding mechanism, which is not a happy solution.. If you adjust the coarseness with dirty or wet hands, you risk clogging the spreader hole. The quality of the ceramic grinding mechanism is pleasing.

Operation is provided by 4 AAA batteries, which are not included and need to be purchased separately, which will be reflected in the purchase price. In terms of performance, users are divided into two groups. The first can’t praise the work of the kitchen helper and is with it is extremely satisfied. The second states that the grinder is grinding its last and cannot even grind salt because of its poor performance.. Some users would appreciate a lid to prevent the spices from falling out. Quite a bit will depend on the coarseness of the salt you use. For me, what it delivers is adequate for the price, but it is definitely not a high-end product.

  • purchase price
  • LED light
  • ceramic grinding mechanism
  • grinding coarseness adjustment
  • plastic design looks cheap
  • missing lid to catch falling spices
  • method of adjusting the grinding coarseness

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Catler Salt and pepper mill – SM 2011

Type Electric
Version Stainless steel, plastic
Grinding mechanism Ceramic
Tray transparent
Spice type salt and pepper
Adjustable grinding coarseness yes
Operation 6x AAA batteries
Dimensions in cm 5,5 × 5,5 × 21,3
Lighting No

If you desire for a good quality and good looking pepper and salt set, reach for the Catler SM 2011. Its design is simple. All stainless steel surface lightly decorates the narrow plastic tray window.

The grinders reliably even with coarser salt, and pepper is no problem either. Considering the design, it is a relatively sturdy pieces, which are not suitable for seasoning food when cooking, but rather when serving on a plate.

The grinding mechanism is ceramic, complete with grinding coarseness control. Adjust the grinding coarseness by turning to the left or right. When grinding pepper on the finest setting, the balls may just bounce around in the hopper and not grind. The only thing the grinder lacks to perfection is a different placement of the regulator, which would be better outside the grinding mechanism. But that’s just a small thing. If you use them only when seasoning food on the plate, there is no risk of clogging the seasoning holes, for example, due to dirty hands adjusting the coarseness of the grind.

We must point out, however, that each grinder requires 6 AAA batteries to operate. That’s a total of 12which are not included. Therefore, buying them can increase the total purchase price quite a lot. The weight of the batteries is also reflected in the total weight of the grinders.. If you give the grinders good quality batteries, the product can last up to 5 months with occasional use. With poor quality batteries it can be as little as 2 months. Among battery grinders, it has an excellent performance, the tax for it is the higher number of batteries and the weight of the device.

  • design-matching kit
  • ceramic grinding machine
  • stainless steel
  • Grinding coarseness adjustment
  • 6 AAA batteries for each grinder
  • coarseness adjustment method
  • weight

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Peugeot Pepper Grinder PARIS

Type mechanical
Version Wood
Grinding mechanism Steel
Tray opaque
Spice type pepper
Adjustable grinding coarseness yes
Operation human power
Dimensions in cm 22 x 3
Lighting No

To true connoisseurs should have a Peugeot pepper mill in their kitchen. Paris grinders are the flagship of this brand. It is a mechanical grinder that is made of solid wood.

You’ll fall in love with it right out of the box. The grinder is elegant and simple. The wood is not only beautiful to look at, but also it feels good in the hand. The overall size is just right for both people with bigger hands and people with smaller hands..

The model will come from the factory already filled with pepper. When refilling, you will appreciate the size of the top screw. Thanks to it, it will definitely not get lost on the line. The filling hole is dwide enough to keep the pepper from falling outwith a little skill, all over the place. The grinder can hold up to ¼ cup of pepper, which is enough for regular seasoning.

You can also easily adjust the coarseness of the grind. This grinder is the only one of the evaluated ones with a rotating ring, which appears to be the best option for adjusting the coarseness of the grind from the point of view of use and hygiene. The exact setting does not change even during use. There is a noticeable difference between coarse and fine grinding. It grinds spices to a consistent size while working, and you don’t feel fatigue in your hands. Ease of use is attributed to the quality steel grinding mechanism, which is backed by a lifetime warranty. Just to add, the grinding mechanism has been specially developed for grinding pepper only.

  • grinding mechanism developed exclusively for grinding pepper
  • grinding mechanism made of steel
  • quality solid wood
  • seamless operation
  • consistent grinding
  • Grinding coarseness adjustment via rotary ring
  • high purchase price

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Russel Hobbs 23460 Salt and Pepper Grinders

Type Electric
Version Brushed stainless steel
Grinding mechanism Ceramic
Tray transparent
Spice type salt, pepper, other spices
Adjustable grinding coarseness Yes
Operation 4x AAbatteries
Dimensions in cm 22 x 6
Lighting Yes

The Russell Hobbs 23460 is pepper and soy grinder setl. In addition to these, other dried spices or herbs can be added to the grinder. The set appears to be a great buy in terms of price and performance.

Both grinders are made made of brushed stainless steel and have a ceramic grinding mechanism. The undisputed vThe advantage is definitely the system for setting the grinding. Only the Peugeot Paris had a rotary ring at the bottom, which seems to be the best way to adjust the coarseness of the grind. The Russell Hobbs roasters also have this mechanism, and for this they definitely deserve plus points.

We must also mention the relatively low energy consumption, as they require the following to operate only 4 batteries (8 in total, as each grinder holds 4). Batteries, as with other products, are not included and must be purchased separately.

The bottom of the grinder is equipped with integrated lightingwhich is activated at the moment of grinding. All those who love order will appreciate the lid, which prevents the spices from falling out of the grinder when the seasoning is finished.

  • purchase price
  • lighting
  • manufacturing materials
  • method of adjusting the grinding coarseness
  • batteries not included

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Why choose to buy a spice grinder

Freshly ground spices have a much more pronounced flavor and aroma than spices that have been stored in a bag for weeks. It is definitely the right choice for those who like to play with food preparation.

Grinders and their history

Spice grinders used to be an integral part of every household. Their appearance, however, differed somewhat from that of today. These were mechanical grinders with a crank. The spices are crushed between the rotating cone of the holder, called the stone, and the fixed cone grooved cavity. The stone was pressed into the cavity by means of a spring. The spring preload had an effect on the coarseness of the grinding.

Spice grinders usually are not universal, but are designed for a specific type of, such as coffee, pepper, salt, and the like. If you wanted to rotate the spices in the machine, you would have to laboriously clean it. Coffee grinders are usually are designed as a three-strandé. This means that rotating blades are used to crush the coffee beans.

Grinders and their present

Currently on the market you can also find mills mechanical, but also electric. Their appearance has changed quite considerably from the traditional “granny” ones with a rotary crank. Mostly these are products that you can you can grasp in one hand. Besides function, design is also important. On the shelves you will find products made of metal, glass, plastic, stainless steel and so on.

Types of spice grinders

Spice grinding aids can be divided into two groups.


Electric grinder for pepper, salt and other spices is a modern development. For its operation it needs pencil batteries, not an electrical cord plugged into a wall outlet. Just press the button to grind. You may also encounter gravity mills. The grinding process starts when the grinder is turned upside down. No need to press any buttons.

The use of electric models is more hygienic if you have to touch the grinder, for example, when preparing meat. The operation of an electric grinder is easy with one handso you hardly get the container dirty.

However, it must be remembered that the product works on batteries, usually there are four, but there can be six. So you have to replace them when they run out, which can get expensive if you invest in better quality and more expensive batteries. The grinding mechanism must be designed so that the motor can handle the grinding without problems and does not jam. For electric grinders, you need a certain level of noise must be taken into account.

  • easy to handle
  • more hygienic in food preparation
  • higher purchase price
  • Replacing batteries can get expensive
  • underpowered motors may jam during grinding
  • noisy operation


For a manual or mechanical pepper, salt and spice grinder, definitely there’s no danger of it ever running out of juice. Compared to traditional models with a crank, it is the the absence of a crank. This has been replaced by a rotating ring at the bottom or top of the product which actuates the grinding mechanism.

Since it is a mechanical variant, it needs nothing but human power to work. If you reach for a quality design, you can enjoy a long service life. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that commissioning requires the use of both hands. This can be impractical if you need to season a dish and both hands are dirty.

  • It never runs out of juice.
  • quality mechanism and workmanship is a guarantee of longevity
  • lower purchase price
  • grinding requires the cooperation of both hands

For repeated use

Best pepper, salt and spice grinders are usually shipped empty. These are so-called. fresh grinderswhich can be refilled. When the spices run out, just pour them back into the jar. You can sprinkle in any suitable spices for grinding, but don’t forget wash the product thoroughly before filling it with other spices. Even so, there is a high probability that you will not completely get rid of the aroma of the previous spice. It is ideal to have your own container for each species. it is possible to get a set of pepper and salt grinders and other spices. In addition, you can also grind herbs from your own garden.


You can purchase disposable flavoring models in a number of grocery stores that are already filled with a particular type or blend of spices.

Disposable grinders are an inexpensive alternative to reusable products. As a rule, you can buy them around 100 CZK. The container is most often made of plastic, in the case of glass and the grinding mechanism is plastic. Because of the simple design, it is not a jewel that you have to display. It will probably find its place in the spice compartment.

These products are designed only for the semlet of the content you buy them with. Of course, there is a way, to refill them. Wondering how to refill a disposable spice grinder? Two methods have been most successful:

  • with a knife – Take a cutlery knife and slide it under the plastic mechanism. It will be hard the first time, but a few repetitions will make the filling easier. Once the spices are poured in, just snap the plastic wheel back on.

  • Hot water – Pour enough water into the pot to submerge the plastic part with the grinding mechanism. Bring the water to the boil. Then immerse the part of the grinder with the plastic grinding mechanism in it, wait approximately 5 seconds and then remove the plastic part.

For disposable embodiments, this should be taken into account, that the plastic grinding mechanism will wear out over time. and the grinder will go in the trash anyway.

How to choose a grinder

Although all products work on the same principle, they can differ in a number of conveniences and, not least, in material and appearance.

Grinding coarseness

Best electric but also mechanical salt mills, pepper and spices allow the coarseness of grinding to be adjusted. The coarseness can be adjusted byand can be set in 3 or 6 steps.. Those who prefer a finely ground powder, but also those who prefer a coarser grind, will find it easy. Coarse grinding is suitable, for example, when you’re seasoning salad, steaks, or baking rolls.. Gently ground spices are ideal for seasoning soups and sauces, in cooking or serving ready-made food. When grinding finely, powder falls from the grinder, when coarser, rather slices of spices.

The coarseness of the grind can be adjusted in several ways:

  • At the bottom of the product you will find a ring, which allows you to adjust the coarseness of the grind either by turning or by lifting. Turning the ring is the most practical way, as there is no risk of clogging the seasoning hole or unscrewing it. In addition, you have the best overview of the settings.
  • Another way of to adjust the coarseness is by screwing in the top. You adjust the coarseness of the grind by tightening or loosening. However, you may unscrew the entire cap in this way.
  • The last option is setting directly on the grinding mechanism, which is impractical if you have to touch the grinder with dirty hands. There is a risk of clogging the hole through which the spices are poured.

The function of adjusting the grinding coarseness is reflected in the purchase price. At any grinding coarseness setting, powder or pieces of the same size should fall out of the grinder.

Grinding mechanism

Cheapest Grinders for pepper and other spices usually have plastic mechanismwhich is typical of disposable products (not refillable). Quality product you can tell that it has a grinding mechanism made either stainless steel or ceramic. The advantage of ceramics and stainless steel is that they they don’t bind odors or tasteswhich can’t be said for plastic.

In the case of the ceramic version is definitely you don’t have to worry about fragilityjust think of ceramic knives. They last a long time in the kitchen, don’t you think?

Design and material

Design workmanship is important in the moment, when you want to leave the grinder on display. With a range of designs available, traditional hourglass shaped mills or simple cylinders and other shapes are available. The important thing is that you the product feels good in your hand and is easy to refill. The refill hole should be large enough to prevent the spices from spilling out.

In terms of materials, the most important thing is easy maintenance. The grinder should come out of the easily rinse off all impurities from dust to cooking grease. If you opt for Wooden pepper and spice grinder, no need to worry about complicated maintenance. The wood usually has a finish to make it easy to clean. Also available stainless steel or plastic. The materials are often combined.

The grinder may have a transparent or opaque spice tray. Opaque grinders are popular because of their simple design. They often don’t even look like spice grinders. The downside is that you can’t see how much spice is currently in the hopper. With transparent ones, you have a perfect overview of the quantity.

Number of containers

Some pepper and salt or other spice grinders can be purchased in a 2-in-1 version. This means that the product has two hoppers from which you can grind either one or the other type of spices.

Extra features

Some electric models are supplemented with with LED lighting located in the grinding mechanism area. As soon as the grinding mechanism starts grinding, the light also turns on. The illumination is beneficial if you are seasoning darker foods and want to see how many spices you have currently ground.

The bottom part with the grinding mechanism can be added a lid that catches spice residues, so there’s no trace of it on the table or in the spice rack. The lid can also be used withalso serve as a measuring cup for filling the container.

Prices of pepper and spice grinders

The prices of these kitchen aids can range quite widely, from as low as 10 USD to as high as 500 USD, depending on the quality of the product. The price is influenced not only by the manufacturing materials, but also by the brand, size and accessories that improve the work of the grinder.

Cheap pepper mills

You can get disposable grinders for about 10 USD, which are usually not refillable. You are not only paying for the grinder, which in most cases has a poor quality plastic grinding mechanism, but also for the spices that are included in the product.

Medium price category

Between 10 USD and 30 USD you can get electric grinders that offer a ceramic grinding mechanism and overall quality manufacturing materials. They usually have an adjustment for grinding coarseness and some may have lighting. In terms of materials, you will come across plastic, stainless steel and solid wood. For purchase prices that exceed 10 USD but fall below 30 USD, you will generally find lower quality mechanical grinders.

Quality spice and pepper mills

From around 30 USD you can buy quality grinders that combine not only great design but also first-class materials. They are also available in a set most often pepper and salt, but you will also come across sets of 6 for other spices. The products that exceed the 60 USD CZK mark are of such high quality that they are more suited to professionals and connoisseurs.

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