Best Survival Knife Under 100 Dollars

Best Survival Knife Under 100 Dollars – Love being outdoors and looking for the best survival knife under $100?  Below are some great options; you might want to read on, since some are even under $50.


1. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife 

Ka-Bar-Becker-BK2-Companion-Fixed-Blade-KnifeThis is a very popular option as many people tend to choose it over others.  You might want to check this out; after all, it has received more than 800 reviews on Amazon.  It is such an impressive piece of item, designed for practicality and aesthetic in the same package.  If you are a real enthusiast, your heart might skip a beat once you’ve laid your eyes on it.  It has a long build-up, measuring 10½ inches and the blade itself stretches to 5½ inches. This accommodates for ease of cutting even through thick foliage and of course to help you during emergency situations.

The fact that it cuts through fresh meat effortlessly is pretty amazing.  The sharpness of the blade results in a ‘gliding effect’ when skinning fresh meat.  Its ability does not stop there; it is ideal for skinning potatoes as well.  This really comes handy whenever there are no meat supplies to be found.

This amazing knife can be yours with only $68++.  It’s wise to grab one while it’s still within an incredibly low price range.

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2.  Spyderco Resilience Black G-10 Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco Resilience Black G-10 PlainEdge KnifeIf you are a collector of knives, this valuable piece must be yours as it’s definitely at the top under $100.  It appears big, rather ‘beefy’ and strong.  The blade is quite large, but it balances nicely with the holder.  Nevertheless, it still fits well in a regular sized pocket; thus it is the perfect choice for an outdoor use.

It almost pops out of its handle whenever you want to use it.  Thus, it really is suitable for emergency purposes as it springs into action just like the way you want it.  However, when it is idle, i.e. kept in your pocket, it doesn’t get lose on its own.  The blade stays where it should be – safe, sound and folded nicely.  In other words, you won’t get injured unexpectedly when this buddy sits in your pocket.

This knife doesn’t choose its owner.  You can be a left hander, or a common right hander.  It does not matter as it’s practical for any manner of handling.  It tips up, down, left and right in a breeze, regardless of whether held in your right or left hand.

As the blade is made of steel, you can imagine how sharp it is.  It cuts through thick and thin materials excellently.  It can even cut hair strands and paper thin materials in a snap.

This sweetheart is only priced for around $40 after a discount.

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3. Spyderco Tenacious G-10 Handle Folding Plain Edge Knife 

Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge KnifeThe minute you open the box, you will most probably fall in love with this piece. Unlike other knives, for this one, it might take a while before you would get bored with it.  In fact, you might not get bored at all.  It has all the reasons to be favoured, that is.  For one, it has a chunky steel blade and the design of a leaf shape.  It has an added strength, thanks to its wide chord and flat grind features.  In short, it can be relied on for carrying out dirty, laborious chores.

You might fall in love with its adjustable pivot tension, as well as the switchable pocket clip to accommodate your personal preference.  Its liner locks add more strength too; it makes you feel more confident come what may.

For just around $40 this darling could be yours.

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4. Tops Knives TBT040 Mini Tom Brown Tracker Fixed Blade Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handles 

Tops Knives TBT040 Mini Tom Brown Tracker Fixed Blade Knife with Black Linen Micarta HandlesA U.S. made product, this knife extends to 6½ inches long.  It serves various tasks, making it the perfect choice when you are not sure of the types of chores you are about to handle.

You can rely on it to break through your car window’s safety glass whenever you need a quick escape route.  It has always been regarded as one of the top best survival knife under $100, simply because it’s the one you’ll carry with you all the time.

The blade is made of high carbon; complete with sawback and coated with black traction.  The handle depicts of elegance due to the use of classy black linen micarta.

This adorable baby is available for around $100; with it you’ll also get an emergency whistle.

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5. Ontario 8604 RAT-7 Knife 

Ontario 8604 RAT-7 Knife (Green)This cutie measures 14½” x 3” x 2”.  It’s quite phenomenal to some, which explains why it has been regarded as one of the top 5 chart under $85.  Literally designed for survival purposes, it could be your best buddy even during the toughest life moments.  One user has deep faith on it for nearly ten years already; it’s that good.

This knife is somewhat indestructible.  It carries out rigorous tasks like chopping and carving wood in an impressive manner.  When you’ve caught a fish, this little thing can come for rescue as it’s also designed for cleaning fish.

Maintenance for this knife isn’t hard at all.  You can simply use common detergents and then apply a thin coat of mineral oil right before storing.  With these two steps taken, you’ll have a store-bought looking knife for years.  It’s that simple.

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From the list of top 5 best survival knife under $100, looking at its top notch quality, this one has got an unbeatable price of about $80.

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