Bottled Water vs. Using a Water Filter: Pros and Cons

The debate between bottled water and using a water filter continues. While bottled water can be convenient, it can be expensive and has a large environmental impact. On the other hand, water filters can be cost-effective and provide a more eco-friendly option.

Have you ever wondered which water is best for human health? Is it mineral water or tap water? That’s what we want to tell you today. Drinking is essential for the proper functioning of the human body and its basis should consist primarily of clean water. That is, not teas, juices, sweetened drinks and the like, but water that can fulfil its basic function – to cleanse the body.

Sources of drinking water?

But how do we get really good quality and clean water? Basically, there are three options – either you drink tap water, stock up on bottled water (such as mineral water or various other types of unflavoured water), or find a suitable water filter. There are always 2 important aspects, which are the source and the quality of the water. It is therefore impossible to say unequivocally which is better, bottled water or the water that comes out of your tap.

The best option is considered to be water filter, where you can be sure that your glass of water is really clean and healthy, free of all harmful substances and, moreover, through a device we call mineralizer, is enriched with a healthy amount of minerals, making such water suitable for everyday use. However, if you are unsure about the quality of your water, we recommend that you seek a water analysis. Water analysis reveals all the hazardous substances that are in your water and helps you discover what water treatment is best for your household.

Mineral water and bottled water

For bottled water that is labeled as mineral water, care should be taken to determine whether it is mineral water or spring water. The difference is in the mineral content. The greater amount of minerals are mineral waters, such as magnesium, zinc and the like. It is advantageous to drink such water when your body is low in minerals and you need to replenish them. However, it is not recommended to drink such water on a daily basis. It can have negative consequences on our health.

If we take bottled water from ecological point of view, it is plastics that pollute the earth to a large extent and form the main component of municipal waste. Did you know that more than half of the bottled waters that do not contain minerals and are known as table wateractually comes from the tap?

Drinking water

Bottled water from an economic point of view

The table assumes an annual consumption of 3,000 litres of drinking and cooking water. This is approximately 2 litres for each person in a typical family of four. It is important to note that the cost of water filters decreases exponentially each year as only the filter cartridge .

The table shows an important thing – if you have a family of 4 and regularly buy bottled water, water filtration with a water filter can reduce your annual financial costs by at least 1000 USD .

Tap water

The advantage of tap water is that it is regularly checked and monitored to ensure that it meets all standards and regulations. To become potable, it must be chemically treated and disinfected. Usually a chemical called chlorine . However, several undesirable effects occur with elevated levels of chlorine in water, whether it is dry skin, dandruff or various forms of eczema.

But before the water reaches the consumer, it has a long journey through water pipes , which in many areas of the country are in poor condition, which can allow water to get into your mechanical impurities (e.g. rust) or various other substances may be present in the water (manganese, iron, nitrites, nitrates and the like). If you feel that your water has a strange taste or a strange coloration, we recommend the aforementioned water analysis.

Moreover, the motto, which is massively supported by the state campaign ” Drink healthy water“tap drink” is no longer valid. Just read a few studies and research on what causes chlorine in water , or look at article on the contamination of Rye Island. This will convince you that tap water is not always the best choice.

Tap water

Water filtration

On our e-shop you will find a wide range of equipment to improve the quality of your water. Their main advantages are:

a, Non-chemical water disinfection

As mentioned above, chlorine is most commonly used to disinfect water, but it produces unpleasant allergies and dry, itchy skin. To combat bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, we recommend using Water filters with UV lamp This can remove up to 99% of the microorganisms commonly found in water by means of UV radiation. The UV radiation disrupts the DNA of these micro-organisms, causing them to gradually disappear.

b, Removal of chlorine from water

If you too are one of those people who are bothered by the smell and taste of chlorine in the water, we offer carbon water filters , which contains activated carbon In addition to chlorine, it can also remove unpleasant pesticides and herbicides . Activated carbon can bind all these dangerous substances and significantly improve the taste and smell of the water. We also offer special carbon filters that can remove heavy metals and micro-particles that are soluble in water.

c, Conversion of water into living water

If you want to enrich your home with “living water”, try water ionizer This is a device that can change the pH and ORP values of your water, turning your water alkaline. About what effects it has Alkaline (living) water we are you have already written , its main function, however, is to detoxify the body so that the body is rid of waste substances it does not need. Some ionizers have the ability to additionally silver the water, which has disinfecting effects.

In addition to the devices mentioned above, in our offer you can find other devices that serve to improve the quality of water, such as reverse osmosis, multifunction filter and others. If you can’t decide or don’t know which device would be right for you, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

What are the benefits of using a water filter instead of bottled water?

The main benefits of using a water filter instead of bottled water are environmental, financial, and health related. Environmental benefits include reducing plastic waste and the energy needed to produce, transport and dispose of plastic bottles. Financial benefits include saving money as filtered water is much cheaper than bottled water. Health benefits include reducing the risk of consuming contaminated water and providing access to clean, safe drinking water.

Advantages of Bottled Water vs. Using a Water Filter

  • Bottled water is convenient and portable
  • It is easy to find in stores
  • Bottled water is often filtered and purified
  • It does not require any installation or maintenance
  • It is generally safe and reliable

Doing your part to reduce plastic waste is easy with a water filter! Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also be doing your part to reduce plastic waste and help the environment. Invest in a water filter today and start enjoying fresh, filtered water without the waste of bottled water!

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