Child Friendly Knives Review

Child Friendly Knives ReviewMisono, a Japanese maker of fine cutlery used by many professional chefs, also offers this unique product for children. It is a knife with a rounded tip for safety and made for the hands of a child. Some may question the wisdom of giving a kid a knife at all, but it all depends upon knowing your kids and their motor skills, proper supervision, and determining whether a special knife like this would be worth it.Foodie kids are getting younger and younger these days, and I could definitely see an kid 8 years old and up possibly using this knife. The cost at $42 is high, but not really that bad. The Misono UX10 chef’s knife
that cooks clamor for sells for $210, so it could have been a lot worse.With that said, there are many options for letting kids do some prep work without cutting those tiny digits. The Zyliss lettuce knife
is one option. This plastic knife isn’t made for kids specifically, but it serves the purpose vert well. It also comes in a nice green color that might appeal to kids.Pampered Chef also has their version of a child’s knife called the My Safe Cutter. It is a dull serrated knife with a blunt end specially suited for kids.

Curious Chef is another new entrant into the kid’s knife arena. They offer a nylon knife set (3 knives) that is very child friendly, and the company also sells a range of other cooking tools for kids. I visited their display at the Chicago Housewares Show, and I was quite impressed with their line of products.

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Similarly, the Swiss maker, Kuhn Rikon, has a whole Kinderkitchen line for children, and I personally purchased this dog knife with teeth  for my six-year-old. It has ears that act as a bolster to protect little hands, a flexible rubber tail, and the knife is just the right sharpness to be useful — not frustrating — when cutting.

With that said, you don’t really have to go out and buy a special knife at all if you want to introduce your kids to basic kitchen chopping. Sturdier disposable plastic knives and butter knives also work, and when they get old enough, a pairing knife (properly supervised) can be the next step up. But none of the above knives, with the exception of the Misono, will cost that much. The prices range from $7-20, and if your kids is a budding foodie, why limit them to a flimsy plastic disposable knife?

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