Your sink plays an important daily role in your kitchen because it where you wash your food and clean up all the dirty plates, utensils and other kitchen wares. If your kitchen sink isn’t meeting your needs, or maybe its time for a kitchen renovation, then choosing the best kitchen sink for your home can sometimes be a daunting task. Since there are lots of kitchen sinks on the market today, it is hard to know the good and bad about each sink product since a sink is a long term commitment and has the potential to provide many years of both great function and aesthetics. Of course, you need only the best and the top kitchen sink.


Consider Size for Best Fit

Before you start looking for the best kitchen sink for your home, you need first to determine the important things like the size of the sink in relation to the cabinets, counter top, kitchen style and function. Your new sink has to match your kitchen design in order to have a good appearance and a relatively easy installation in your kitchen. In most cases, the size is governed by the size of cabinets or the size of the hole by the existing sink. If you are getting new cabinets – great! The size needs to match your usage: big families or big pots/pans = big sink; single person, don’t cook much = small sink. To some degree, the size of the kitchen sink also can dictate the size of kitchen faucet which can be reasonably installed. It is also better to know the exact measurements of your kitchen sink to ensure the new one fits accurately.

How Many Bowls?

A single bowl is great for any size kitchen depending on what you use the sink for most of the time. Big roasting pans, cookie sheets will fit nicely in a large single bowl sink. If you like to rinse dishes, or separate the food preparation area from the dishes, or you want to install a garbage disposal, consider two or three bowls. Some double sinks have the large bowl on one side for dishes and a smaller bowl for preparing food.  Triple-bowl kitchen sinks generally consists of two large bowls on the sides and a smaller sink in the center for food disposal and cleaning. For a typical kitchen, I would recommend a double bowl kitchen sink as it offers the greater flexibility than a single bowl, and bigger sized bowls than a triple bowl sink.

The Effects of Color

There are many different colors available that you could find in our personal best kitchen sink. The clean and practical look of stainless steel in a stainless steel kitchen sink is one of the best and most popular sinks available today and is recommended for most kitchen workspaces. The look and balance of metal contrasts well with almost any color of countertop, cabinets and especially stainless steel appliances. There is also an increasing trend in best class of kitchen sinks for black and darker brown colored Silgranit kitchen sinks because of their enhanced sophistication and discerning appeal for something different. On the wild side, kitchen sinks are also available in a number of brighter colors, but be wary that if you get tired of the color, it is difficult to change.

‘‘There are no bad colors, just bad color combin…”

The Best Kitchen Sink Needs to be Comfortable?

What am I talking about? Comfortable? You need to know that having the best kitchen sink in your home is one of the greatest investments that you could have for your family’s safety and health. You do all the cleaning, preparations, cutting, washing and other important chores in the kitchen. So it is important that you prioritize the kitchen needs especially the time spent at the kitchen sink to have the best experience possible. Consider the depth of the sink. A typical sink depth is around 8″, while a nice deep sink can be 9-10″ deep.  Read my article about deep kitchen sinks on reasons why you can’t forget about this sink feature. Another comfort aspect to be aware of is sound – a quieter sink usually has built in sound proofing and pads to make your kitchen sink easier on the ears. Allowing a balance between sink space and counter space will also improve your comfort and efficiency in the kitchen.


To be truly happy with the best kitchen sink for your home, take the time to consider size, color and your everyday comfort level. After selecting a new kitchen sink, then consider a matching and well fitting kitchen faucet which considers unique characteristics like location, height, and handle functionality.  Make sure that the kitchen sink that you choose has all the good qualities that you need in order to have the comfort and satisfaction that you deserve. The best kitchen sink for your home is typically a double bowl 16 gauge stainless steel kitchen sink. Check out the variety and splendid stainless steel kitchen sink options available, which can be topped off with a complementary kitchen faucet here.

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