A perfect knife should have the right edge with a sharp feel that can slice, dice and chop! What else could you need? But for that, you need a sharp and durable knife. Store bought knives are good, if you get them from a reliable and reputed store; but they may not be what you are looking for. Such knives may not fit your requirements perfectly — so why not design your own? Some stores are willing to help too with such endeavour!  

Make your own knife, and, create the knife of your dreams! But, forging a knife is no easy job. You will need to know the exact steps that go into making a perfect knife. Interested to know about the steps that go into forging a custom-made knife?! We are here to help you.

What are the steps to forging a beautiful knife for your needs?

Did you know that there some stores that can even help you make your own knife, online?! These online stores can be really helpful. They have pre-set options and hence, you can easily build your knife. Here are the aspects that you need to pay attention to:

  1. Style of the Blade: You need to think about the shape and type of blade you want. After all, that is what is going to help you in your slicing, dicing and chopping adventures. A wrong knife can ruin the whole experience. So, the types of blades that you can choose from include:

o   Normal or Straight-back Blade

o   Clip Point Blade

o   Trailing Point Blade

o   Drop Point Blade

o   Spear Point Blade

o   Needle Point Blade

o   Tanto Blade

o   Sheepsfoot Blade

o   Wharncliff Blade

o   Pen Blade

  1. Material for the Blade: There are many choices, when it comes to the material of the blade. Some of the popular knife blade materials include:

o   Damascus steel

o   Carbon Steel

o   Stainless Steel

o   Ceramic


There are many options in steel, like 440C steel, J2 Steel and D2 steel to name some. Talk to the experts at the stores, which offer knives for sale in UK, to find the right blade material for your knife. They know which blade will be able to suit your needs!

  1. Size of the Blade: According to your needs, you will have to decide on the blade size. Some knives work better when they are smaller; like the pocket knives, but swords need to be big (not huge, but big)! If, you have no idea about how to decide on the size of the blade, talk to the knife experts. They will guide you in the right direction.
  2. Handle of the Knife: When, it comes to the handle you will have to decide on the material, size and shape. You need to design on a shape that fits like a glove in your hands! There are many designs. It is natural to be confused; the experts at the knife store can help you with that as well. Coming to the handle material, you have numerous options. These include:

o   Wood

o   Bone

o   Stainless steel

o   Aluminium

o   Carbon Fibre

o   Leather

o   Mother of Pearl

o   Fibreglass

Finally, you need to think about the handle size. If you plan on tough tasks like chopping wood, you need a long handle; but for tactical advantage, a shorter handle works better. You also need to take into account the size of your hand.

After you have factored in all these aspects, you will have a perfect knife, that too one that you have designed completely on your own. Hope you now know how to draw and conceptualize the perfect knife. If you do, go ahead and get your drawing board or computer out! Otherwise, you could leave it to the professionals! Online stores have experts, who will walk with you and help you factor in on the perfect knife blade and handle. They even have pages for the knife aficionados. You know what you want? Get started on designing immediately with their pre-fed options. Head out on awe-inspiring adventures with your custom-made knife, the perfect side-kick!

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