Cookie Stamp Set Review

Cookie Stamp Set Review – I just saw this cookie stamp in an old Bon Appetit magazine. Of course, making cookies is fun, but stamping them with the words “Home Made” gives them one last flourish to really make them special. The stamp is made by Suck UK and retails for about $17 in the US.

Even though I love the design and look of this item, I have my doubts. Sure, kids would probably have fun stamping the dough, but I could also imagine a lot of squished cookies. I also wondered how well the message of “Home Made” would stand up to the baking process. I don’t bake that much, but it just seemed that the words wouldn’t appear that well in the cookies I am used to baking.


I found only a couple of reviews of this cookie stamp on the web, with the best one coming from the blog Dear Pigeon. The author actually tried it out on a batch of peanut butter cookies, and it definitely worked. You can check the photos in her blog post. With that said, the author concludes that the stamp would work best with cookies that don’t rise a lot during baking and have some color to them.

Another review on Amazon UK also thought the stamp was a bit too big for standard-sized cookies. The stamp part is made of silicon and measures 3 inches wide, so you can judge how well it would fit your cookie portions.

Here are some sources to buy the stamp in the United States: Amazon

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