Cuisinart 77 10 chef’s classic stainless 10 piece cookware set review

Cuisinart 77 10 chef’s classic stainless 10 piece cookware set review – The Cuisinart 77 10 cookware  is great cookware set for an everyday cook who loves to dabble in classic and modern cuisines. The wide grip handles are riveted on, and the covers fit snugly on top of cookware to lock in flavors. And a tapered rim around the pots and pans makes it drip free when pouring. Aluminum in the base helps in even heat distribution and heat conductivity. This set is perfect to try out the classic cooking techniques of a slow simmer or a rolling boil.

Cuisinart 77 10 cookware features pieces from a “chef’s classic cookware”. The set is non-stick and made of stainless steel with a mirror finish giving the set an elegant appearance. The stainless steel prevents discoloration, reaction with food, and altering flavors when using the pots and pans.

The cookware is comprised of ten pieces including one eight inch skillet, one ten inch skillet, a one and a half quart saucepan, a three quart saucepan, both with covers, a three and a half quart saucepan, and an eight quart stockpot with cover. The contoured stick handles allow for a secure grip and stay cool when cooking. All pieces are safe for dishwasher, broiler, and freezer. The set is oven safe for up to five hundred and fifty degrees. The Cuisinart 77-10 is built to last so it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cuisinart 77 10 cookware Pros & Cons

With the quality of the Cuisinart 77-10 making it more heavy duty, it is surprisingly easy to move and pour the pots and pans. The handles to the pots stay cool even at high temperatures. They heat evenly and do not rock on the stove. Any spotting or discoloration is easy to clean with the help of a little Barkeeper’s Friend. Covers hold on tight and create a nice seal when the heat is on. The covers of the pots and pans are interchangeable. The efficiency of the cookware makes cooking possible at a lower heat using less energy.

The Cuisinart 77 10 cookware does have a few problems. The high arch handles on the lids are supposed to help prevent burning your hand, but it seems the handles tend to get hot when cooking at high temperatures. Food items will also occasionally stick to the pan even if you use an oil or spray. Some customers said that they experienced a purple tint, or white residue on the pots and pans after having them in the dishwasher. Some instances of pitting and cracking within the first few months were also known to occur.

Even with the lifetime guarantee, you can not return the whole set, and any piece that is damaged and needs to be replaced has to have a seven dollar return shipping cost sent with it as well as paying to ship the piece to Cuisinart.

Cuisinart 77 10 cookware is a great quality set for the price you pay. And if you remember to cook with the pots and pans at a lower temperature, because they will heat up faster, you will avoid a lot of the complaints of discoloration and some sticking. As one reviewer said:

“Now that I have had this set for a few months, I can say it has met all my expectations. Other reviewers have commented on the difficulty of cleaning it. I had some trouble in the beginning. It was mostly due to the fact that this set heats up much faster than I was used to and I had to adjust temperature settings and timings accordingly. Having knowledge of the smoking points of oils is helpful. Coconut oil or margarine seem to work best and don’t leave burn marks. Cheese will burn to the pan but a good soaking and a nylon scraper or scour pad will clean it off just fine.”

Cuisinart 77 10 cookware – cleaning

For cleaning food that does stick, simply soak the pan in water and soap for fifteen minutes before washing, stubborn stains can be treated with vinegar or Barkeeper’s Friend. A simple oven mitt will help with the heat of the lid handles. But if you do happen to get a bad pot or pan in your set of the Cuisinart 77-10 be prepared to pay shipping both ways for the replacement, or find a replacement yourself.

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