Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife

Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – There is always one question that troubles people who are planning to buy a survival knife, to be a fixed knife or a folding one. Well, the answer is a simple one, it is a fixed knife. The fixed knife doesn’t have any moving parts that can be easily broken, like the folding knives which are most likely to break especially if it is used with a stronger force. The survival knife has to be fixed in order to be useful in any kind of situation and in that way you will be safer.


Folding Knives vs Fixed Knives What to buy 2017?

One tool that you always need in a survival situation is a great knife. Maybe it is said that the only good knife it is the one you carry with you and you can take care of any survival situation if you have the skills. However, the knife that you will be carrying it needs to have the qualifications for the best fixed blade knife. So, when you will be choosing your survival fixed knife you need to follow the features that are described below.

Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Fixed blade

Remember to get a fixed knife. Don’t be tricked by the folding knives just because they can easily fit in your pocket. The pocket knife it has two parts that are joined together by a hinge and the chances of breaking are higher. Also, these knives have a thin and short blade which means the usage is limited and they are a lot less durable. This type of knife won’t last long when it is used for chopping, cutting or when it needs to be pounded.

Best Survival Knife Under 100 Dollars

Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Full tang

The best fixed blade knife needs to be a full tang. This feature it is very important because it means that the blade is one piece, the blade goes to the end of the handle. When the knife is with a partial tang are targeted to a survival situation is weaker and more likely will fail you when you need it the most. Be careful when there are knives named as “survival knives” because many of them have hollow handle, but in emergency situations, this type will be weaker when compared with the solid one. Another big plus that a good survival knife needs to have it is a pommel on the end of the handle and tang. This will come in handy when the knife needs to stand up in order to be hammered.


Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Nonslip and comfortable handle

Mother of Pearl bone, Leather, horn, wood, stag handles maybe are esthetic, but over time they will wear or break over time. But if you are searching for a lightweight handle, then you can get aluminum or Zytel which are excellent choices.

Don’t choose the survival knife by it looks, because when the knife it is designed to look good sometimes those aren’t the best. You need to choose a knife that has a handle with a comfortable shape and size that will fit perfectly according to your hand shape and it needs to be very easy to keep the grip on. Other features that the handle needs to have are a slight bulge at the end and a lanyard hole. Whit this feature the knife won’t slip away from your hand and protection for the finger between the blade and the handle.

Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Thick blade

The best fixed blade knife has a blade that looks fat when you take an average knife and you compare it. The additional thickness of the survivor knife blade, it shows that the knife can stand great strengths and when used for most of the survival situations will do the job fast and safe. It will never leave you when you needed. The thicknesses that the blade needs to have is from 1/4″ to 5/32″.

Best Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Length of the blade

Here comes when you need to make your own choice, because the best fixed blade knife can have a blade length that you prefer. However, if you want to go by the best recommendation, then you will need to purchase a knife that has a blade that is 4 to 6 inches long. Plus, too small and too large blades are not practical and they are harder to be handled when you need them.


Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Easy to sharpen

The last thing you need to consider when you are buying best fixed blade knife it is the profile of the knife’s edge as well as the quality of steel from what is the blade made of. You need to choose the one that doesn’t have too hard steel because if the steel is too hard the knife won’t be easy to be sharpened but still hard enough so to have a decent edge.

When it comes to the edge profile it is important to be known that blades which are hollow-ground are very sharp but they are very difficult to be sharpened. The best fixed blade knife need to have a profile edge that will be a compound grind because it is sharp and can be even sharpened on the go. When you are in a survival situation you never know when you will need the knife and that is why it needs to be in a good shape every second.


Fixed Blade vs Folding Knife – Combination Edge

You have another option to choose from when it comes to the edge, a combination edge. In most of the cases, the best fixed blade knife needs to have an edge that is serrated and the rest needs to be a plain edge. There are situations where you will really need the serrated part because it is better when it is used for heavy-duty cuts.

If you are serious about buying the best fixed blade knife, you will need to follow those tips when you are choosing one. Actually, you need to know what the features of the best fixed knife are, so when you are buying it, it is wise to write them down. You will be safer like you have never been before with the best fixed blade knife. Be wise to follow the tips, you won’t get stuck in a survival situation with the knife you have chosen according to the tips.

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