French Steak Knives review

French Steak Knives – It is important to know the various parts of the French Steak Knives. This is to help you make a good decision when making a purchase.

The tips of the French Steak knives differ. There are some knives that have a straight edge while others come with a slant. The knife’s cutting point is located at the handle’s end and generally used to cut small materials into slender tiles. It can as well be used for creating cuts in portions of food. It possesses a cutting edge which takes it path along the blade and is at its bottom. The cutting can be straight or saw-like. The latter do not need sharpening compared to the former which must always be sharpened regularly by using sharpening steel.

Then it comes to the blades spine of the French Steak knives. It is at the other side of the edge used for cutting but generally stronger than the edge used for cutting to add potency to the cutting material. There is also an edge that is quite blunt to enable a firm holding using the thumb. It also possesses a bolster which gives the knife balance and better control. It is found at the end of the blade and just before the handle.

The bolster gives cover to the blade and shows that probably the steak knife was created by the forged procedure instead of being stamped. French steak knives handles hold firm the blade and the blade’s tang goes into the handle to connect to the material at the handle. If the knife is strong the tang would be normally engrossed to the knife’s handle. When buying the knife note that its handle should fit your hand very well.


French Steak Knives – top brands

Top brands are Laguiole steak knives and Henckels steak knives.

In order to choose the correct kind of knife you would have to take the brand into consideration. These include The Laguiole forged steak knife, Le Tiers steak knife and the Jumbo steak knife. There are a whole lot of companies producing good quality kitchen knives. Some are costly while others are relatively cheap. But it is not always possible to measure the effectiveness by the value or the type to a large extent. Make sure you check the standing of the producer. Check the class of the steel and the procedure for manufacturing. A French steak knife would however give you varied number of handles and also great blades on the steak knives.

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