Juicing a citrus fruits, like lemon or limes isn’t difficult, and almost everyone can do this. However, are you doing this effectively? I mean do you think get the most juice out of your citrus fruit? Trust to say, we are all able to juice citrus fruits, but few of us know how to get the most juice out of citrus fruits. My article today will provide you some secrets to do this well.


1. Roll the citrus fruits on the countertop before slicing them

This is not a new tip that you have heard before but ignore to apply. So it’s time to mark it as an important tip. So why should we do this step? Yeah, rolling the citrus fruits on the countertop before them will help to damage the membranes around the capsules in the flesh of the fruits which contains all of the juice. Alternatively, you can make squeezing with your hands with the help of some other tools. What tool you use isn’t matter, the key thing is to make sure that you damage all the membranes.

2. Put the fruits in the some seconds before starting to juice

I haven’t known about this secret until Jacques Pepin’s show. The expert recommended microwaving a lemon within around 10 seconds before starting to juicing, and as I see on the TV screen, the results looked great. The working strategy is similar to rolling the fruit. But using microwaves, you will get the fruits passed through in all sides before the water is completely excited through molecules in the flesh without having to roll the fruit around at first.

3. Freeze the fruits first, then microwave them

The theory behind this is that when the water freezes and becomes ice, it’ll increase in size and damage the membranes in the fruits, or at least make them breakable. Then, when you microwave the fruit, the membrane breaking will happen more easily. This method is effective; however, it requires so much time to completely freeze a lemon, then 30-60 seconds more to microwave it. After being hit, the fruits need to be soft enough for you cut and squeeze. So it seems to be impractical if you suddenly want to make a cocktail one night.

4. Do not use your citrus right out of the refrigerator.

Yeah, this method can somehow be explained through secret No 3. Actually, the warmer the fruit is, the easier the juicing process will be and the more juice you will get. So let’s wait until your fruits be back to its normal condition, then continue juicing, following one of the tips above.

5. Slice and score your citrus

We tend to cut the fruits in the way we like and feel convenient because we think sooner or later, the fruits will get juiced and then the shape and the size of the segments makes no effects, but in fact they influence the amount of juice you are about to get a lot. For the most juice possible, you are recommended cutting your citrus fruits from end to end, not across at the middle, after that score the segments in horizontal way. This cutting method will help to open up the most surface area of the citrus, allowing the juice to flow.

6. Make use of a fork

Honestly, it is batter to use a juice press, but if you don’t have one, you can use your own method- make use of a fork! Simple place the fork into the citrus and turn it around the prongs.

7. Invest in a proper juice press

Ok, tricks and tips are great, but you still should stop and look for help from the special tool at some points. And a good handy press juicer is a good solution in this case. There are a lot of such press juicers which vary in models and price for you to choose from. But no matter what model you use, before starting juicing, remember to cut your fruit in halves, place them in the juicer, squeeze, and call it a day. If you want, you can make use of a wooden reamer which will get up into the flesh and break every inside thing down until you can’t squeeze anymore.
Above are 7 helpful and easy to do tips to get the most juice with a juicer. It is much simple than you think, right? So follow them for really fresh cup of juice.

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