Health Benefits of Juice – Tracing their origin in Central Asia, apples are highly nutritious, and it is not surprising that health enthusiasts coined an adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” to describe the fruit’s benefits. The health gains of apple juice are innumerable as outlined below.


1. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Apple juice is an excellent source of antioxidants among them flavonoids and polyphenol that are beneficial to the heart. In addition, the juice contains high levels of potassium, a mineral associated with enhancing the heart’s functionality.

2.Prevention of Asthma

The flavonoids in apple juice are believed to reduce the intensity of asthma attacks. Also, the flavonoids play a significant role in shielding the lungs against infections. According to research, individuals who drink the juice regularly have better functioning lungs than their counterparts who don’t.

3. Cleanses the Liver

Apple juice is highly alkaline, a fact that makes it remarkable at detoxifying the liver. The juice facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes by-products from the liver besides maintaining healthy Ph levels of the body. A compound known as pectin found in the apple skin helps improve the digestion health as well.

4. Lowers Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels in the body are sighted as one of the primary causes of heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments. Apple juice helps reduce the cholesterol levels in the body thus keeping cardiovascular illnesses at bay.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s Diseases

A study conducted in 2009 showed that apple juice helps aging individuals delay the onset of dementia, a condition that aggravates to the Alzheimer’s disease. The same survey revealed that apples can contribute to improving the brain’s functionality, in addition to improving coordination.

6. Boosts the Immune System and Prevents Constipation

The high presence of vitamin C in apple juice helps the body fight disease causing cells effectively. It also helps the immune system combat germs, bacteria and free radicals responsible for a number of ailments.

Apple juice boasts of a unique component referred to as sorbitol. The components aids in drawing excessive water from the large intestines, making the stool softer and easy to pass through.

7. Beauty Benefits

Drinking apple juice makes your hair more healthy and lustrous. In addition, when used topically, it can help treat skin related ailments such as inflammation, cracked skin and wrinkles and itching. When applied to the hair, the juice can prevent the occurrence of dandruff and other scalp disorders.

8. Improves Vision and Prevents Cancer

Due to the presence of Vitamin A in apple juice, it can enhance eyesight and other disorders such as the age-related macular degeneration.

The juice can inhibit the growth and spread of tumors and cancers, particularly the lung cancer. The flavonoids and phenolic acids in the juice have proven to be effective in preventing the development and accumulation of cancer causing cells.

To get the most out of juicing apples, ensure that you go for the ripe ones with a smooth outer cover. Do not peel them because the skin contains minerals that are beneficial to the body. Consider juicing apples alongside other fruits such as grapes, cranberries and strawberries to increase the nutritional benefits and derive more health benefits.

9 Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a fact that makes their juice incredibly nutritious. Drinking a glass of cranberry juice can improve your body’s overall well-being in a number of ways including:

1. Anti-tumor Effects

Due to the presence of polyphenolic compounds, cranberry juice is excellent in reducing the impact of tumors. According to studies, the juice prevents the development and accumulation of colon, lung, prostate and breast as well as other cancerous tumors. In addition, the juice has high amounts of salicylic acid that can reduce the swelling and blood clots associated with tumors.

2. Urinary Tract Infection

Research shows that cranberry juice has proanthocyanidins that have anti clinging properties capable of preventing the bacteria that causes UTI attaching itself to the walls of the bladder. The juice can prevent recurring UTIs in pregnant and middle-aged women. Patients undergoing treatment for Urinary Tract Infections are advised to drink the juice on a regular basis so as to reduce the intensity of infection.

3.Heart Disease

Cranberry juice is highly effective in reducing the risk of heart-related conditions in addition to sustaining the cardiovascular health. The flavonoids in the juice have antioxidant properties that may lower the threat of atherosclerosis, a disease associated with narrowing of veins due to the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the blood.

4. Respiratory Infections

Cranberry juice aids in the prevention of particular strains brought about by the Haemophilus influenza, a common cause of respiratory and ear infections especially in children. It stops the disease inhibiting bacteria from attaching to the surface of the skin.

5. Anti Aging Benefits

The phytonutrients coupled with antioxidant present in cranberries play an imperative role in protecting the body from health complications that come with age. The compounds help reduce memory loss and lack of coordination. In addition, cranberry juice can lowers the damage brought about by free radicals, thus make the skin look younger and vibrant.

6. Lung inflammation

The anti-inflammatory capabilities of cranberry juice can effectively shield the lungs from inflammation caused by the lung influenza. There is a unique component in the juice known as nondialyzable material or NDM in cranberries that prevents the virus from sticking to the cells and by that prevent flu infections.

7. Healthy Bones and Teeth

Cranberries may not be one of the most prominent sources of calcium but has enough traces to strengthen the bones and teeth. The calcium in the juice can reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis as well.

Cranberry juice is rich in organic acids that can emulsify fat deposits in the body thus excellent at reducing weight.

8. Prevention of Cancer

According to research, cranberry juice can reduce the effects of cancer to some extent due to the high content of proanthocyanidins. Also, the presence of anti-carcinogenic components can help interfere with the growth and spread of cancer cells in addition to preventing micro tumors from forming in the blood.

9. Peptic Ulcers

A fact-finding study conducted on a group of patients suffering from peptic ulcers showed cranberry juice can reduce the inflammation of stomach lining, the primary symptom of peptic ulcers. When mixed with apples, the juice can lower the risk of a multiplicity of stomach disorders such as stomach ulcers.

While cranberries can be juiced on their own, you may consider mixing them with other fruits such as strawberries, apples, oranges and pineapples to enhance the taste and increase the nutritional content. Don’t have a juicer yet? Read our juicer reviews and pick one!

A Few Mango Juice Health Benefits

Mangoes are succulent and delicious, full vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. With so many people savoring their taste, it is not surprising to figure out why they have been christened as “the king of fruits”. While these fruits can be eaten whole, juicing them helps the body absorb the nutrients contained in them much faster. Some of the health benefits of mango juice include but not limited to the following:

1. Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

Mangoes are rich in magnesium and potassium, two of th most essential nutrients for controlling blood pressure. They are also a vitamins powerhouse, loaded with vitamins B6, A, C, E and K making them outstanding at preventing a myriad of diseases brought about by a deficiency of the mentioned vitamins. Apart from that a glass of mango juice contains vitamin E and can help boost the activity of sex hormones.

2. Prevents Cancer and Keeps the Heart Healthy

Mango juice has high amounts of pectin, a soluble dietary fiber that helps lower cholesterol in addition to preventing the development of cancer. Recent findings have it that pectin can combine with galectin 3 and inhibit the progression and effects of cancer. Also, drinking the juice on a regular basis reduces the risk of gastrointestinal tract cancer.

3. Helps in Digestion

The high presence of digestive enzymes in mango juice makes it remarkable at eliminating problems such as excess acidity and indigestion. Other bioactive components found in the juice such as esters and terpenes as well as aldehydes are essential in increasing the appetite and enhancing the functionality of the digestive system.

4. Helps You Gain Weight

Drinking a glass of mango juice on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to gain and maintain a healthy weight. A glass of the juice contains about 86 calories that are easily absorbed by the body. Furthermore mangoes contain traces of starch that is converted into starch thereby helping you gain weight. If you need to add a few pounds for whatever reason, drink this juice to accelerate the process.

5. Slows the Sign of Aging and Promotes Brain Health

Mangoes are full of vitamin A and C, two imperative vitamins as far as production of collagen proteins is concerned. Collagen aids in shielding blood vessels and connective tissues and in so doing slow down the aging process.

Mango juice has abundant vitamin B-6 content that is essential for enhancing and maintaining the brain’s function. It helps amalgamate vital neurotransmitters that play the role of controlling moods and sleep patterns.

6. Helps Fight Acne

You may not know it, but mangoes are remarkable at improving the skin’s health. The juice adds glow to the skin besides making it light. In addition, it helps open clogged skin pores thus reducing the intensity of acne. Apply mango extracts on the skin, let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse it off for fast and effective results.

Ripe mangoes are soft to touch and red, orange or yellow in color. Due to their high nutritional content and sweet taste, they can be juiced alone but you can add other fruits such as oranges, pineapples, apples and bananas if for anything to enhance the nutritional content. Mangoes are readily available in groceries or food stores.

6 Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Cherries may not be of the tastiest fruits round, but these ruby red fruits are loaded with an assortment of nutrients and vitamins that have a positive impact on your overall well-being. A glass of tart cherry juice contains a myriad of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. To cap it, all the juice is low in calorie content.

Below is a detailed look at the health benefits of tart cherry juice and what drinking it can do to your health.

1. Regulation of Blood Sugar

Tart cherry juice contains metabolic properties that are excellent for raising insulin levels in the body thus controlling blood sugar. Research shows that the juice can lower cholesterol levels as well. In addition, the anthocyanins content in cherries has a positive effect that controls the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The juice can lower the risk of hypertension as well.

2. Helps Deal with the Extra Weight

Drinking tart cherry juice on a regular basis helps you shed off the extra pounds and stay trim. A glass of the juice contains less than 100 calories and about 3 grams of fibers that make you feel full for longer. It is also loaded with a variety of B vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin and B6, all of which are essential in converting nutrients into energy.

3. Improves Sleep

Having a glass of tart cherry juice a couple of minutes before going to bed can help induce sleep. This is due to the high presence of melatonin, an enzyme that is associated with profound and sound sleep. In fact, studies show that drinking the juice in its natural form with no additives is as effective as taking a melatonin supplement.

4. Easing the Pain of Arthritis

It would come as a relive for individuals suffering from arthritis and gout to know that tart cherry juice can help relieve the pain associated with these two conditions. The juice lowers the levels of uric acid in the blood, a condition that is sighted as the primary cause of inflammation, muscle tenderness and swelling in arthritis. According to studies, a glass of this juice can reduce uric acid by as much as 15%. It also induces the production of the C-reactive protein, further reducing the pain caused by inflammation.

5. Helps Fight Cancer

The red pigment that tart cherries are known for contains flavonoids that are excellent for helping the body fight against free radicals. The juice boasts of a flavonoid called cyanide that inhibits the growth and multiplication of cancer causing cells. To get the most flavonoids out of tart cherries, go for the ones with a dark, purple crimson pigment instead of bright red.

6. Antioxidant Benefits

One thing that sets tart cherries apart from most fruits is the high levels of anti-oxidants they contain. Studies have it that anti-oxidants can enhance health and improve the ability of older people to fight the effects of oxidation. Enhanced oxidation can help the body fight some ailments among them being diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and age-related cognitive decline.

Tart cherries are versatile. Besides being eaten raw, and as an accompaniment in most dishes, they can be juiced alongside other fruits as apples, strawberries, oranges and blueberries to enhance text and nutritional value.

7 Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate may not be one of the easiest fruits to come by in your average grocery store, but this luminous red, super seedy fruit has found its way into the “superfood” list. Its juice has a myriad health benefit primarily because of the high antioxidants content in the fruit. Here’s a look at what drinking a glass of pomegranate juice each day can do for your health.

1. Helps in Regeneration of Cartilage

One of the most fundamental pomegranate juice benefits is its ability to inhibit enzymes from damaging the cartilage. Due to this ability, it is recommended to individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, a condition associated with the breakdown of cartilage in the joints. Unsweetened pomegranate juice helps ease the symptoms of arthritis and bone inflammation as well.

2. Enhances Digestion

Pomegranate juice helps in smooth functioning of the stomach. It induces hunger and can even control your thirst. The high content of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber helps enhance digestion and regulate movement of the bowels. Due to its ability to control thirst, it is an excellent beverage for the summer.

3. Prevents Anemia

Pomegranate juice is full of iron that plays a crucial role in prevailing over the red blood deficiency in the body. In addition, you may consider mixing the juice with candied sugar and introduce a few drops in the nostrils to control of fix nose bleeds fast.

4. Bolsters Immunity

The active anti-microbial and anti-antibacterial ingredients in pomegranate juice give it an incredible ability to ward off disease-causing bacteria and viruses, thus boosting the immune system. The juice also reduces the microbes found in the mouth that cause staph infections and cavities. Researchers say that this juice can even prevent multiplication of the HIV virus to some extent.

5. Prevents Cancer

In the list of pomegranate juice benefits is its ability to get rid of free radicals from the body and prevention of growth and development of cancer. Also, the antioxidants in the juice stimulate the white blood cells to counteract harmful toxins. The juice is also thought to induce apoptosis, a process that involves self-destruction of cells.

Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in prostate cancer. It also prevents aromatase, an enzyme that turns androgen to estrogen. Estrogen is known to trigger the development of breast cancer.

6. Good for Pregnant Mothers

Pomegranate juice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals particularly folic acid which is beneficial for expectant mothers. The juice promotes a healthy flow of blood due to its anti-inflammatory properties. A healthy flow of blood in a pregnant mother is essential for overall well-being of the fetus. When taken on a regular basis, the juice can reduce the risk of premature birth or birth an underweight baby.

7. Help Fight Aging

Pomegranate juice helps slow down the aging process through reduction of wrinkles and lines associated with too much exposure to the sun. It also encourages regeneration of skin cells, makes dark spots less visible and inhibits hyper-pigmentation.

To enhance the taste and fully maximize pomegranate juice benefits, you may consider juicing pomegranate alongside other fruits such as apple, pears, oranges and cherry.

9 Health Benefits of Juicing Tomatoes

Tomato, which is a fruit, is classified as a superfood due to its high content of vitamins including vitamin A and K as well as the B vitamins namely B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. The fruit also contains minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous and iron. Below are the health derived from drinking tomato juice.

1. Strengthening the Immune Stem

Vitamins A and C that are plenty in tomato juice are known to boost the immune system and prevent vision related ailments. These two vitamins are also excellent in keeping your bones and teeth in a healthy state.

2. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Drinking tomato juice can go a long way preventing and reducing high levels of cholesterol. The juice is rich in fiber that further helps in the breakdown of bad cholesterol in your body. The presence of vitamin B3 also makes the juice superb at stabilizing cholesterol.

3. Helps in Weight Loss

Tomato juice helps keep the body in a hydrated state. It is low in sodium and has a high fiber content that ensures the body is not weak or hungry. It supplies the body with enough nutrients and calories to ensure the body’s metabolic system is uninterrupted.

4. Helps Regularize Bowel Movements

Tomato juice helps counter irregular bowel movements that are common in old people. The fiber content in the juice helps keep the liver healthy. It also helps in digestion, prevents constipation and in the process aids the movement of bowels.

5. Cardio Vascular Health

Tomato juice is chock full of vitamin B6 that is associated with helping the body convert a compound referred to as homocysteine into harmless compounds. Homocysteine is a compound that harms blood vessels in addition to causing a number of heart diseases.

6.Removing Toxins from the Body

Drinking tomato juice aids in detoxification due to the presence of sulfur and chlorine in the juice. In addition, natural chlorine aids in functionality of the liver and kidney while sulfur shields the two organs from infection.

7. Prevention of Cancer

The red pigment in tomato contains a soluble antioxidant called lycopene. Studies show that the lycopene is effective in the prevention of a number of cancers including prostate, pancreatic, colon, lung, and breast cancer. The juice can also help prevent the coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis as well.

8. Skin Health

Drinking tomato juice is beneficial to your skin too. It gets rid of tanning, prevents skin discoloration, prevents acne, opens clogged pores and stabilizes the production of sebum in oily skin. It also keeps the skin supple and hydrated.

9.Healthy Hair

The vitamins contained in tomato juice help bring shine to damaged and dull hair. It helps in getting rid of an itchy scalp and dandruff. Apply fresh juice on the scalp, let it sit for about 4 or 5 minutes and rinse the head with cold water. When used correctly, the juice can serve as a hair conditioner.

To add taste and increase vitamin content in tomato juice, you may consider juicing it with other fruits and vegetables such as beetroot, carrot, lemon, and celery. The juice can be taken in plenty as it has no side effects.

9 Health Benefits of Juicing Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C. It also contains potassium, manganese, dietary fiber and folic acid as well as copper. Consuming pineapple in its juice form is the best way to get all these nutrients as it helps deliver nutrients faster. Below is a comprehensive look at the health benefits of pineapple juice.

1. Remedy for Arthritis

Pineapple juice contains an enzyme known as Bromelain that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Bromelain is particularly effective in dealing with arthritis. In addition, this enzyme has healing properties that get accentuated when the juice is mixed with turmeric.

2. Treats Indigestion and Other Digestion Problems

Bromelain helps in breaking down of proteins. Proteins are not easily digestible and are often sighted as on of the leading causes of indigestion and other digestion related problems. The juice also contains small traces of fiber that can help de-clog the digestive and intestinal tracts.

3. Cardio Vascular Health

The Vitamin C contained in pineapple juice is effective in maintaining cardiovascular health. It also helps minimize the risk of high blood pressure. The juice helps deal with hypertension that is associated with the heart disease too.

4. Treats Menstruation Disorders

The bromelain content in pineapple juice is an effective remedy for menstrual disorders. This because it has analgesic properties that help ease the pain experienced by women during the menstrual period.

5. Bone Health

The manganese traces in pineapple are good for bone and connective tissue development. As a matter of fact, pineapple juice contains up to 70 % of the manganese required by the body on a daily basis. It is healthy for growing kids and helps prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

6. Promotes Eye Health

Beta-carotene and Vitamin A found in pineapple are effective at enhancing eye health. The vitamins also help reduce macular degeneration, which is the primary cause of poor vision in aged people.

7. Enhanced Oral Health

If you want to minimize the trips to see a dentist, making pineapple part of your diet could be what you need to do. The vitamin C present in pineapple juice helps in strengthening of gums besides keeping your teeth healthy and strong. The vitamin also helps in the prevention of plaque and reduces the risk of periodontal diseases too.

8. Improves Skin Health

Vitamin C in pineapple juice is an excellent remedy of acne. You can easily get rid of acne and acne marks if you use this juice as a toner. Apply it on the skin and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. The juice can help revitalize the skin as well.

9. Boosts Immunity

Pineapple is hailed as one of the best sources of anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are not only effective at boosting immunity, but also helps the skin maintain a youthful look.

Pineapple can be juiced alone, but juicing it alongside other fruits such as bananas, oranges, and mangoes as well apples helps improve the taste and nutritional value. Given the many health benefits that come with drinking pineapple juice, including it in your diet is something you should seriously consider.

6 Health Benefits of Juicing Watermelon

Besides its sweet taste, watermelon is loaded with an assortment of minerals, fiber and vitamins that are very helpful to the body. Drinking its juice, particularly in its fresh form can have significant health benefits too. Some of these benefits that can be fully enjoyed if you used a centrifugal juicer to extract to the juice out of this wonder fruit include:

1. Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Lycopene, the red pigment found in watermelon is a potent antioxidant that has been linked with guarding the cardiovascular system against damage brought about by free radicals. According to research, people who drink watermelon juice on a daily or regular basis have a reduced risk of suffering from cardiac attack by 50%.

2. Improving the Skin’s Appearance

Apart from reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Lycopene also protects the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. UV rays not only cause wrinkles and photo aging but also increases the chances of suffering from skin cancer. Drinking a glass of watermelon juicing before exposing your body to the sun could offer a little antioxidant that would safeguard your skin from the UV rays.

3. Enhancing Blood Flow

Watermelon juice is rich in an amino acid known as citrulline. The body converts citrulline into arginine, another essential amino acid associated with enhancing blood flow and soothing blood vessels. This in turn gives your body more energy in addition to reducing muscle soreness after exercise. Some studies suggest that watermelon juice can also help improve sexual health.

4. Helping Fight Inflammation

According to research, drinking a glass of watermelon juice before embarking on heavy exercises can have an anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The juice is chock-full of flavonoids, triterpenoids and carotenoids as well as beta-carotene all which combine to fight inflammation.

5. Helping in Weight Loss

The high amount of amino acids present in watermelon juice is known to inhibit the multiplication of fat in fats cells. This is made possible by the fact that acids are converted into arginine that blocks the effects of an enzyme referred to as TNAP associated with storage of fat. Drinking this juice before a meal helps in hydration, an important factor when losing weight.

6. Improved Kidney Health

Watermelon juice has a cleansing effect on the kidneys. It helps get rid of ammonia and uric acid, has even be associated with easing the effects of kidney stones. The seeds of this wonder fruit are also known to have profound effects on the kidneys as well, so it is important that you juice the fruit with its seeds.

How do You Make Watermelon Juice?

Using a centrifugal juicer such as the Breville JE98XL is not only the best way to get the most nutrients and enzymes out of the watermelon fruit but also the fastest. This juicer can create an 8oz. Cup in 5 seconds while preserving all the nutrients and the original taste. It is inventively designed to give you juice that has very dry pulp as well. Other fruits such as banana, strawberry, orange and pear, as well as apple, can be juiced together with watermelon to enhance the taste.

What is a Twin Gear Juicer?

Also known as a triturating juicer, a twin gear juicer is more or less a type of masticating juicer that uses the dual gear mechanism. However, unlike a masticating juicer, it extracts more juice from ingredients and is much easier to use. In other words, triturating juicers will give you the utmost yield you can get from home juicers with the driest pulp.

The Twin Gear Mechanism

Just like the name suggests, twin gear juicers come with two interlocking augers. The juicing ingredients are interlocked between the gears before being crushed gently. It is the slow juicing process that makes these juicers excellent at separating the pulp and the juice, thus resulting into an extremely nutritious beverage.

Why Use Twin Gear Juicers?

Perhaps, the immediate question that comes into mind is why you would prefer using triturating juicers over any other types of juicers. Here are the reasons why:

They Can Juice Almost Everything –The kind of fruits and vegetables you can juice with twin gear juicers is unlimited. The rolling gears can crush practically any ingredient from carrots to turnips and apples. They can handle soft fruits and dark green vegetables with relative ease as well. As if that’s not enough, you can even juice wheatgrass, parsleys and cilantro with these machines.

They Give You More Juice – A twin gear juicer may work the same way as a single auger masticating juicer, but it extracts more juice. This is the type of juicer to go for if you have an average family with a high demand for juice.

They Do More than Juicing – Besides creating juices, triturating juicers can also be used to create nut butter pasta, fruit sauces and sherbets, as well as baby food. They also come with add-ons that allow you to grind grains to make rich cakes and bread sticks.

They Prevent Oxidization – With most juicers, you either drink the juice as soon as you make it or within a span of 12 hours. In addition, you have to store it in a tight lid container and inside the refrigerator. However, a twin gear juicer prevents the occurrence of oxidation, which by extension means that you not only get more nutrients from the juice, but can also store it for longer.

Are There Any Downsides to the Twin Gear Juicers?

While triturating juicers come across as flawless, they are not without their downsides some of which include:

Price – Twin gear juicers come with an enormous price tag. However, when you put what they have to offer for consideration, the high price may not be a downside as such.

The Inability to Juice Extremely Soft Fruits – Triturating juicers may juice everything, but you need to take extra caution when juicing soft fruits such as citrus since the gears may not hold them correctly.

When is the Best Time to Buy Twin Gear Juicers?

The best time to purchase a triturating juicer is when your juicing needs increase or when you need to juice more. You may also buy the juicer when you want a flexible unit that can accomplish a variety of tasks. All in all, a twin gear juicer would make an excellent addition to your kitchen and having it would only be advantageous.

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