How to Choose Glass Tea Kettle

How to Choose Glass Tea Kettle – Welcome to the website dedicated to a glass tea kettle. Our goal is to help you choose the glass kettle (or teapot) for tea you need. To do this we will tell about the optimal model glass teapots in different price categories.

But first a bit of common words. What could be better than a good cup of tea? This wonderful drink has been known for millennia. Tea warms and lifts the mood, in some cases it is used even as medicine. In order to properly brew tea, you need a good kettle. Currently, you can buy a huge number of teapots – metal, ceramic, glass. Moreover, the kettle can be electric or ordinary (which should be put on a gas or electric stove) and so on. Each type of tea kettle for good in their own way, we are most like glass tea kettle. If you are on this site, you may too.

Advantages and disadvantages of Glass Tea Kettles

The main advantage glass kettle for tea – a special charisma, and the atmosphere they create. Glass teapots made from special heat-resistant and shock-resistant glass, so they are completely safe and have no restrictions for use. Also they are very easy to wash hands or in the dishwasher. Another advantage of glass kettles – it does not affect the taste and odor, and therefore it is absolutely safe for health.

As you may have guessed, the main disadvantage of glass tea kettles – its fragility. This kettle simply break up, he is exposed to extreme temperature changes (can crack or burst). But note that the modern glass teapots are made of special glass, for example, Pyrex, which is not so vulnerable. Kettle of this matter at the careful care will last you for years!

The main types of Glass Tea (water) Kettles

The first thing you should decide what to order a glass kettle you need – an electric kettle or a kettle for stoves (gas or electric). Electric tea kettle are usually worth more money, but they can be warm or boil water in minutes. In addition, electric kettles have additional functions (eg, timer). Glass kettle for a gas or electric stove is easier, but cheaper and have a special charm. Choosing a glass teapot should take into account that they are different species. There are those that need to be put on an electric stove, while others can only make the tea. Let’s look at some popular glass teapots.

Kettles for stoves

Adagio Teas Glass Water Kettle

Adagio Teas Glass Water Kettle

Adagio teas glass water kettle turns boiling water at this idea, because the whole process takes place before your eyes. Capacity Kettle – 60 oz. Kettle is made of tempered borosilicate glass, suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Teavana Alasdair

Teavana Alasdair tea kettle

Unique tea kettle is completely made of glass (made of Borosilicate glass). Holds 2 liters. Can be used on electric and gas stovetops. With this glass kettle you can accurately determine the start of boiling water.

Yama Northwest Glass 40-Ounce Chinese Glass Water Kettle

Yama Northwest water kettle

An excellent choice for the Chinese tea ceremony. The stylish handle is made of wood. Capacity 40-ounce. It is stove top safe (medium high heat) and dishwasher safe. Taiwan made by Yama Glass.


Electric Kettles

Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettles

Capresso H2O Plus

This teapot is not entirely glass, however the glass predominates. Capresso H2O Plus very beautiful and stylish. Unlike all the above glass teapots, it is electric. The design uses Polished Chrome and glass Schott. There is a function of automatic shut-off after boiling. Learn more about the electric glass kettles.


Whistling Kettles

Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle


An excellent tea with a stylish design. Its distinguishing feature is the large volume (it can be used to cook up to 12 cups) and the presence of a whistle, borosilicate glass, heat-resistant handles and drip-free spout. Learn more about the glass whistling kettles.



Grosche Glasgow Glass Teapot and Kettle with Infuser

Grosche Glasgow Glass Teapot

The design of this kettle at the same time classic and modern. Capacitance Kettle – 34 ounces, so it is ideally suited for making 4-5 cups of tea at once. Grosche Glasgow Glass Teapot is safe for gas and electric stoves (not induction), microwave ovens, dishwashers. Can be used without the infuser on a stove top. To produce Grosche Glasgow used glass of the highest quality.

GROSCHE Munich Glass stove top teapot/kettle


A unique and gorgeous stovetop water kettle and infuser teapot! Has a capacity of 1250 ml (enough for about 4 – 6 cups of tea). Made of borosilicate thermal Glass (that lighter yet stronger than regular cheap silica glass). Can be used on gas, electric, and coil type stovetops .



The beauty of a glass stovetop water kettle, with the convenience of an included infuser to make loose leaf tea! 1250 ml, 42 fl. oz. size. Safe for gas, electric, or ceramic stoves (but not for induction stove top use).

How many high-quality glass kettle worth?

We deliberately do not give prices because they can vary, but we want to warn you that a quality kettle is worth an average of $30-50. Price may be either higher or lower. But the low price usually indicates that the kettle is not very high quality, so soon will burst or break. Be careful!

Conclusion: You see, the world of glass tea kettle is very large. They look great, do not change the taste of water (as some metal teapot) with proper care will serve you for many years. We have only a few models of glass teapots for example. In the future, we will tell you about other kettles and, hopefully, help you make the right choice!


Glass Whistling Tea Kettles

Glass tea kettle with a whistle is not only beautiful, but comfortable and practical. If you buy this kettle, you will not necessarily reside in the kitchen, waiting until the water in the kettle boils. Sound signal (whistle) will alert you when it’s time to drink tea, no matter where you are.

Glass teapot with a whistle is not as common as metal or something else, however, their selection is large enough. Let’s look at several models of kettles for example:
Medelco WK112 8-Cup Whistling Tea Kettle


Medelco WK112 8-Cup (12-Cup) Whistling Tea Kettle

You already know kettles Medelco. In the article «How to Choose Glass Tea Kettle» we mentioned Medelco Maker 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle. I see no reason to talk about it again, I propose to talk about his «little brother» – Medelco WK112 8-Cup Whistling Tea Kettle.

This tea has the same shape and is made of the same materials, but has a smaller volume. With this pot you can cook 8 cups of tea. Importantly, this teapot can withstand high temperature fluctuations.

Medelco WK112 8-Cup Whistling Tea Kettle excellent variety of glass whistling kettle for tea!



OneAll Stovetop Whistling Kettle

OneAll Stovetop Whistling Kettle: This teapot has a classic shape and something like Medelco Whistling Tea Kettle. This whistling tea kettle has a 12 cup capacity. Includes whistling lid and metal trivet.

I hope you make the right choice. After all, in fact, quite difficult to make a mistake. Each of the kettles is good, choose the one that suits your needs for size!


Glass Teapots

The simplest way to warm and cheer up is having a cup of tea. Some cultures treat the tea ceremony with great respect performing a whole ritual. In everyday life glass teapots may be an option to consider if you want pure tea with rich taste.

One of the benefits of using glass teapots include no extra flavor added to the mixture when warmed up. Besides, the transparency of your tea preparation, knowing how strong your tea is at the current moment, is essential. An old saying says that people eat and drink with their eyes, and then with their mouths. Tea gets especially useful when you can see all the shades of brown in it. This can even change your perception and provide a much better taste.

Glass teapots are not expensive and offer you a variety of décor options to brighten up any tea ceremonies. They usually have a special press to ensure the most sophisticated taste.
People tend to keep their best crockery for holidays, and when the special occasion comes, they get embarrassed because of the way the cups and teapots look like when taken out to the table. Well, glass teapots don’t ever lose their new looks even if you out them away for a long time.

However, there is a disadvantage in using glass teapots. They are easy to break, and it makes them nondurable.

Let’s look at a few popular models:

Sun’s Tea (TM) 41oz Ultra Clear Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Teapot & Infuser for loose tea or display tea

Main Features:

  • Stylish design and ultra clarity for a full view of your elegant tea;
  • No metal or plastic parts;
  • 1200ml (41 oz);
  • 3-pieace teapot with a removable infuser and a lid is entirely made of heat resistant, lead-free lab grade borosilicate glass;
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Tea Beyond Glass Teapot Duo 16 oz

  • 16 oz capacity perfect for ONE!
  • Made from heat resistant glass;
  • Specially design NON-Dripping feature finally makes tea drinking such an enjoyable experience;
  • Dishwasher safe.

GROSCHE Merlin Thermal Glass Infuser Teapot 1200 ml (41 fl oz.) capacity

  • 1200 ml or 41 fl oz full capacity
  • Thermal Borosilicate Glass (heatproof glass is safe for hot water, and is guaranteed against fading, staining, or clouding)
  • Perfect for infusing loose leaf and gourmet teas


Electric glass tea Kettle

All the teapots that we talked about earlier – glass tea kettles and glass whistling tea kettles are designed for use on electric or gas stove. At the same time, many people prefer electric kettles, so this time I want to offer you a quick overview of electric glass tea kettles.

Electric glass tea kettle has several advantages over conventional glass teapot:

  • You can use it anywhere, all you need – an electric socket;
  • The water in the kettle boils faster (about twice);
  • Electric kettles are automatically switched off when water boils;
  • In some cases, you can control the temperature;
  • Some kettles have a water filter.

But electric glass tea kettle also has its drawbacks, for example, some of them are not as reliable as traditional.

Let’s look at a few popular models:

Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettles

Very nice model of a glass kettle. Cordless design. The convenient swivel base (360 degrees). German Schott glass, auto shut-off when boiled, high-quality handle, polished chrome finish lid, a 1-year limited warranty.

Capresso 260.03 PerfectTea Cordless 48-Ounce Electric Glass Kettle

This electric glass kettle can become a real decoration of the kitchen! Excellent design. Volume – 48 ounce. Cordless safety-glass electric kettle with swivels 360 degrees in either direction on its base. Unlike most electric kettles allows you to adjust the heating temperature (100, 150, 175 or 195 degrees F). Fast Boil. Kettle switches off automatically when the water reaches the desired temperature. Dry Boil Protection.

Medelco Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

1,75 liter capacity. The main feature of this kettle – detachable and washable nylon filter (no taste contamination). When water boils the kettle automatically shuts off.


Chef’sChoice 679 Cordless 1-3/4-Quart Electric Glass Kettle

Another popular glass kettle with 1500 watts of power and a concealed heating element. This kettle can boil water twice as fast than on the stove or in microwave. The kettle lifts off its 360-degree swivel power base for cordless pouring. Safety features: dry shutoff protection and a cool touch bottom.

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