Cigarette smoking can be dangerous to the health. The smoke contains nicotine that will enter the blood stream and pass through the system. Nicotine can block arteries or blood vessels and can cause certain diseases like heart problems and stroke. However, that fact remains that millions of people still smoke. Once the smoke gets into the window it can became foggy, dirty and discolored because of the nicotine and tar build up. Cleaning the windows is easy and may not take a long time.

These are the ways on how to clean cigarette smoke from windows:

  • Removing the stains and dirt cause by cigarette smoke is not difficult but may take some time if the dirt is thick enough because of the residue build up.
  • Prepare the materials needed for cleaning. The things needed are white vinegar, detergent soap, basin, cloth, water, spray container, and window or glass cleaner. These materials should be ready before cleaning to be more efficient.
  • Remove the smoke residue by filling the basin with warm preferable warm or hot. Add two cups of white vinegar, if the residue is thick add another cup of vinegar.
  • Open the windows to be cleaned. If the window has detachable mirrors remove them to be soaked into the vinegar. If not, get a cloth and wet it with water and vinegar solution and wipe the windows. Remove all the deep-seated dirt and stains caused by smoke.
  • Use the spray container by filling it with the water and vinegar mix. Spray all over the dirty surfaces of the window so that residues will be easily removed and wipe it off using a dry cloth.
  • If there is an available glass or window cleaner, spray it all over the window and all areas that have dirt. Wipe off using a clean dry cloth. Do this step after cleaning with the vinegar and water mix.
  • If the stains are hard to remove, get the detergent soap and make a soapy water. Wet the cloth with soapy water and wipe all over the window. Rinse with water well to remove all residue.
  • Let it dry or wipe it with lint-free cloth.

To get rid of smoke, purchase an air purifier to cleanse the air inside the house. Smoking inside the premises is not advisable not only will it cause health problems to both active and passive smoker but as well as making the furniture and environment dirty. A weekly cleaning should be done to prevent residue build ups. Open the windows as much as possible when smoking to let the smoke out.

How to Clean a Cigarette Smoke?

Cigarette smoke can be difficult to remove from windows, as the residue can build up over time and be difficult to clean. However, there are a few methods that can be used to clean cigarette smoke from windows, including using vinegar or dish soap, or using a commercial window cleaner.

To clean cigarette smoke from windows using vinegar or dish soap, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl. Then, dip a clean cloth into the mixture and use it to wipe down the window. For tougher stains, add a bit of dish soap to the mixture. If using a commercial window cleaner, follow the instructions on the label.

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