The fireplace is an architectural structure that provides heating and warmth for cold weather and historically it can also cater to cooking. This is a central household feature that allows anyone to create a fire without causing harm. It has a fire box or fire pit where the fire or burnt woods are places. The chimney above the fireplace allows the gas and smoke to escape without suffocating each household member. However, the fireplace can be very hard to clean because of the smoke residue and other dirt that is left behind by burned woods.

These are the ways on how to clean fireplace:

  1. Gather the equipments needed for cleaning the fireplace like bleach, water, vacuum, tarp, newspaper, basin, rags and trash can. Prepare the materials beforehand to save time and effort in cleaning.
  2. Start cleaning the fireplace by putting the large debris on the trash can. If the debris is too big for the trash can, then file them up and put them in a garbage bag.
  3. To remove tiny particles such as dust, soot and ashes, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up. These will be hard to remove if you just do sweeping. Using a tarp, cover any carpeting or just cover the floor around the fireplace. Also use newspapers inside the fireplace, cover the fireplace floor.
  4. In a pail or basin, pour a gallon of water and mix it with a cup of bleach. This way, the bleach will not be overwhelming. The concentration will lower down and it will not immediately stain the material that made the fireplace. Make sure to incorporate the two substances well.
  5. Dip your scrub brush in the bleach-water mixture and start scrubbing the interior of the fireplace. Remove all soot, dirt and creosote that are present on your fireplace.
  6. After you scrubbed and brushed the interior part, use rags to get all the excess bleach-water solution. Do not let it stay long on the fireplace or it will stain. It is better if you properly rinse the interior part first before you proceed with the next step.
  7. After you remove the excess bleach or rinsed the interior part of the fireplace, you come down to cleaning the floor. Use the same bleach-water solution and dip your scrub brush into the mixture. Brush all those particles and dirt on the floor of the fireplace.
  8. Rinse the floor with water. Again, this will remove the excess bleach that might stain your fireplace floor. Wipe the fireplace dry with rags.

Keep the fireplace clean and free from residue at all times so that it will not be a health hazard to any body. A dirty fireplace can also create an ill ambience for the house. Avoid using cleaning products that are not suitable for the fireplace. Always be cautious in cleaning to prevent harm.



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