Storing Kitchen Knives to Last for Years

Kitchen knives are essential tools for any home cook. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your knives remain sharp and last for years. To keep your knives in the best condition, it’s important to store them correctly. This guide will provide tips on how to store kitchen knives safely and securely. Learn more here.

If you leave your kitchen knives lying around in the drawer with your other utensils, sooner or later they’ll get dull and they won’t be as much fun to work with. There are several ways to store your knives properly. Which one do you choose?

Why knife storage is important

Every knife dulls over time. It is in your interest that this happens through frequent use, not by storing it incorrectly. Kitchen knives should be stored in an accessible but safe place. If you leave them lying loose in a drainer or drawer with other kitchen utensils, for example, you risk not only damaging the knives but also injuring yourself.

Blade protection

If you prefer to store your kitchen knives in a drawer and don’t want to change anything about it, we recommend getting a blade guard. This will protect the blade from dulling and scratching, even if you put the knife away among other kitchen utensils.

You can use either a classic blade guard with a felt interior or a magnetic blade guard. Its advantage is that it can be easily trimmed to fit any blade length.

TIp: The blade guard is also useful when transporting knives in a chef’s map or carrying case.

Knife organizers

Drawer organizers, or kitchen knife binders, are also a good solution for those of you who want to keep your knives tucked away in a drawer without getting dull. In the organizer, the knives are safely stored in separate compartments so you have a perfect overview of them.

Tip: The chef’s knife organizers fit all standard drawers. You can conveniently place knives with blade lengths of up to 26 cm in them.

Knife blocks

Knife blocks, also known as knife racks, are placed on the kitchen counter to keep knives close at hand at all times. They come in many sizes to accommodate different numbers and lengths of knives, some even have special holes for a sharpener or kitchen scissors.

The materials used are moisture-resistant, which you will appreciate in the kitchen. Even the wooden blocks for kitchen knives will not warp, shrink or swell and will last for years on your kitchen counter.

Which kitchen knife blocks to choose from

  • Classic wooden knife blocks – characterized by a certain number of holes for chef’s knives or other kitchen utensils such as a sharpener or scissors.
  • Magnetic Knife Blocks – stylish blocks equipped with high quality ferrite magnets that ensure a secure hold on knives.
  • Blocks with synthetic filling – at first glance they resemble classic knife racks. Unlike them, however, they contain synthetic bristles in which you can stack your knives however you like.

Magnetic rails

You can also use a magnetic bar to store your knives, which can be easily attached anywhere above the kitchen counter or other work surface using two screws. You’ll always have your knives in plain sight, so if you’re proud of your collection of professional knives, don’t hesitate to get a magnetic bar.

In our e-shop you can find magnetic rails in lengths of 30-50 cm in a variety of materials. You can choose from aluminium, rubber wood and chrome-plated or black durable plastic.

How to store kitchen knives on the go

If you want to keep your chef’s knives close at hand at all times, even on the go, we recommend

invest in a practical knife case. Although so-called maps, bags and cases for kitchen knives are the preserve of professional chefs and butchers, they are appreciated by anyone who does not want to miss out on quality and sharp knives when travelling.

There are several travel knife cases to choose from:

  • Chef’s knife maps – soft travel case made of durable and very strong fabric that can hold up to 18 knives. Of course there is a handle and strap for easy carrying.
  • Rolling Chef’s Knife Bags – Rolling bag made of synthetic and easy to wash material that can hold up to 9 knives. The bag can be locked with tacks.
  • Chef’s Knife Cases – Sturdy travel luggage made of aluminium for the safe transport of knives. The classic version has separate compartments for knives and other cooking accessories, the modern version is equipped with a strong magnet. You can also buy cook’s cases including a set of knives.

Tip. This way you will be absolutely sure that your cooking utensils will not suffer any damage when travelling.

How to extend the life of your kitchen knives

If you’ve invested a small fortune in your kitchen knives, you’re probably wondering how to properly care for your knives so they last for years. Here are some basic tips that every chef should know.

  • Use kitchen knives only for the purpose for which they are intended. Otherwise, you risk not only dulling the blade, but completely destroying it. Not to mention the fact that using an unsuitable knife, for example, to separate meat from bone, can go really badly.
  • Always use a cutting board when slicing so that the knife doesn’t get dull. To avoid cross-contamination of food, get several colour-coded plastic cutting boards and then assign a different colour to each type of ingredient.
  • Rinse the knives thoroughly under running lukewarm water after each use and wipe them dry immediately. Never put the knives in the dishwasher; hot water, steam and aggressive detergents are not good for them.
  • With regular use, even the best knives will dull over time. Use a kitchen sharpener or sharpening stones to sharpen your knives. A whetstone will then suffice for occasional sharpening. Interested in more? Learn how to sharpen your knife properly.

You’ve read this far and you’re hungry for more information from the culinary world? Read this article for advice on how to properly care for kitchen equipment and cooking gowns.

How to Store Kitchen Knives to Last for Years?

Answer: Kitchen knives should be stored in a safe place away from other utensils and out of the reach of children. The best way to store kitchen knives is in a wooden block or a knife drawer organizer. It is important to regularly clean and sharpen your knives to ensure they last for years. For more information, visit The Spruce Eats.

Advantages of Storing Kitchen Knives to Last for Years

  • Reduce the need to replace knives frequently
  • Keep knives in good condition longer
  • Save money on replacements
  • Keep knives sharp for longer periods of time
  • Maintain the safety of the knives
  • Keep knives looking new for a longer period

If you want your kitchen knives to last for years, it’s important to store them properly. Invest in a knife block or magnetic knife strip to keep your knives organized and safe. Make sure to clean and dry your knives after each use, and store them away from moisture and heat. With proper storage and care, your kitchen knives can last for years!

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