Introduction to Ice Cream Makers and How to Choose the Right One

Ice cream makers are a great way to make delicious homemade ice cream. With a variety of models to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. This guide will help you choose the perfect ice cream maker for your needs.

When choosing an ice cream maker, consider the type of ice cream you want to make, the size of the machine, and the features you need. If you plan to make a variety of ice creams, you may want to consider a machine with multiple settings. If you only plan to make one type of ice cream, a simpler machine may be enough.

Also, consider the cost and the amount of space you have available for the machine. Ice cream makers come in a variety of sizes and prices, so make sure to choose one that fits your budget and space.


Ice cream is a dessert you can never go wrong with. Children and adults alike will enjoy it. You can buy ice cream in any grocery store, you can also make it at home in a simple way. With ice cream, you can process seasonal fruit, but there are countless different recipes. The classics are chocolate, cream or vanilla ice cream. You can enjoy coffee, hazelnut, yoghurt and many more.

You can make homemade ice cream using a blender, you put the individual ingredients into it and then pour the resulting mixture into various molds. In this way you can prepare especially popular popsicles. The second option is to use an ice cream maker. With the help of this machine, you can prepare high-quality homemade ice cream without added chemical additives, the consistency of which will be comparable to bought ice cream.

Ice cream makers are available in two different types, when choosing one you will notice parameters such as bowl volume, controls, wattage or other features that you will use when preparing other frozen treats.

Best Ice Cream Makers

This ranking represents the best-selling products with the highest ratings from customers.


First of all, it is advisable to know which products you will be deciding between. Ice cream makers are available in two forms. You can buy an ice cream maker with a compressor or a refrigerated container. The different types differ mainly in the amount of ice cream produced.

Ice cream maker with cooling container

This type is designed to make smaller quantities of ice cream, so it is sufficient for the average family. It can usually produce one batch of ice cream per day. The base consists of a refrigerated container, which must be frozen before making ice cream. The freezing time varies depending on the model and can be in the order of tens of minutes or several hours.

In this case, you will need to prepare the ice cream in a different container and pour the resulting mixture into the ice cream maker. The preparation itself will then take several tens of minutes. Thanks to the frozen bowl, it is possible to leave the ice cream out of the refrigerator for some time. The clear advantage of this type is the lower purchase price. An ice cream maker with a refrigerated container will be especially appreciated by those who will prepare ice cream less frequently for a smaller number of people.

Nowadays, an ice cream maker is also appearing on the market, thanks to which you can enjoy spun ice cream at home. The principle of preparation is the same, again the refrigerated container needs to be frozen. Then you pour the ready mixture into it, let it mix inside the machine until it solidifies and use the lever mechanism to serve the ice cream into cones or cups.

Ice cream maker with compressor

A compressor ice cream maker is a more expensive and larger machine that includes its own refrigeration unit. It takes longer to prepare the ice cream, but the resulting consistency is better than the previous type. An ice cream maker with a compressor can produce ice cream continuously, it is especially useful for those who cannot do without this delicacy and is also suitable for commercial use.

The disadvantage of an ice cream maker with a compressor is, in addition to a higher purchase price, a higher consumption of electricity. The appliance also becomes part of the kitchen cabinet, which is disadvantageous especially for owners of smaller kitchens.

Bowl volume

This is a very important parameter in this case. The ice cream maker must be selected with regard to the number of people who will consume the ice cream. In the case of an ice cream maker with a refrigerated container, you will also be limited by the size of your freezer.

There are many forms of ice cream makers available, the smaller ones have a bowl capacity starting at 0.4 ml. The largest can have a capacity of up to 2 litres or more. For a family of four, a suitable size in the range of 0.8 to 1 litre is quoted. You will then always fill the ice cream bowl to about 60%, as the ice cream will increase in volume during churning.

For this reason, you will not find the volume of the bowl indicated on many products. You will be informed of the amount of ice cream produced in grams. In this regard, it is stated that 1 litre of mix will make approximately 600 g of ice cream, which is the amount stated as sufficient for a family of four.

Preparation time

Two parameters affect the preparation time, the first is the size of the vessel and the power input. The manufacturer should inform you about the time it takes to freeze the container of an ice cream maker without a compressor for each product. The time ranges from a few hours to a day.

The container should be cooled for the recommended time, otherwise you will not be able to whip the mass to an ideal state. In the case of ice cream makers with a compressor, a time of about 30 minutes is most often given.

Power consumption

The wattage affects the time it takes to make ice cream, so the higher the wattage, the faster the ice cream will be made. However, as the wattage increases, so does the power consumption. For the first type, the wattage is most often in the range of 10 to 15 W, while more expensive machines can have a wattage of up to 180 W.


The cheapest instruments are controlled by a crank. You pour the prepared mixture into the machine and then turn it into sorbet or ice cream by turning the crank.

The more expensive machines can be controlled using buttons or rotary dials. Again, the preparation process must be controlled and the apparatus turned off manually.

Compressor ice cream makers often include a display with button or touch control. In most cases, these machines have several custom programs and allow you to prepare several different desserts. So, with these machines, you just press the desired program to set the machine in motion and it will take care of everything you need. The mixture will be stirred at regular intervals and the machine will switch off at the end of the program.


The more expensive compressor ice cream makers are usually equipped with several functions. Often these include various preset programs such as cooling or mixing.

The machines also include a timer, which allows you to set the time needed to prepare the ice cream. When the time is up, the machine switches itself off.

You can keep the ice cream cold for a period of time by using the automatic cooling. This is between 40 and 60 minutes for each machine.

The more expensive ice cream makers include an LCD display that keeps you informed of the progress of the preparation.

Rubberised feet ensure the stability of the machine and a safety switch ensures safe operation. This prevents the machine from starting if it is not assembled correctly.


Quality ice cream makers in both designs are produced by leading home appliance manufacturers such as Guzzanti, Klarstein, Unold, Domo, Bosch, De’Longhi, Tescoma, Kenwood, Clatronic and others.

Questions and Answers

What is an ice cream maker made of?

Quality ice cream makers are made of stainless steel. The cheaper machines are most often a combination of stainless steel and plastic, while the cheapest ones are all-plastic. For an ice cream maker, watch the manufacturing material of the whisks. These should ideally be metal, which has an effect on their longer life. Machines whose whisks are made of plastic tend to be cheaper, but their lifespan is not very long.

How is the ice cream maker cleaned?

The maintenance of the machine is very simple. A good quality ice cream maker can be disassembled and the individual parts can be washed under running water or put in the dishwasher. For models with a compressor, make sure that the inner container can be removed, which will make cleaning much easier.

What accessories can I buy?

Ice cream makers can include several pieces of accessories. These are usually a serving spoon, a measuring spoon and a spatula. If your chosen model does not have these accessories, they can be purchased separately.

Can I buy another type of ice cream maker?

You prepare one serving of ice cream using special containers designed for making ice cream. Due to their attractive appearance, these products are mainly intended for children. The ice cream maker is in the form of a cup or cup with a lid, inside of which there is an aluminum container.

The cup is to be filled about halfway with ice, and the necessary amount of salt and water is poured over these. You pour the syrup into the aluminum container, put the lid on both containers, and then shake for about 3 minutes. After that, the ice cream is ready. The package also includes a spoon and several recipes.


When choosing an ice cream maker, take into account how often you will be making ice cream. For occasional preparation, a cheaper model with a frosting container will do. This machine can make ice cream in minutes. However, you must allow for the need to freeze the container for several hours.

It is recommended to put the inner container in a plastic bag to prevent ice from appearing on it. The resulting ice cream is not of the same quality as if it is prepared in a machine with a compressor. However, these products are more suitable for regular ice cream preparation.

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How to choose an Ice Cream Maker?

When choosing an ice cream maker, consider the type of ice cream you’d like to make, the size of the machine, and any additional features you may want. It’s important to think about how often you plan on making ice cream, as well as how much you’re willing to spend.

Advantages of Ice Cream Makers

  • Easily make delicious homemade ice cream in the comfort of your own home.
  • A wide variety of flavors can be created.
  • Ice cream makers are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Ice cream makers can be used to make other frozen desserts such as sorbets and frozen yogurts.
  • Ice cream makers are more energy efficient than buying store-bought ice cream.

Treat yourself to the perfect summertime indulgence with an ice cream maker! With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To ensure you get the best ice cream maker for your needs, consider factors like the type of ice cream you want to make, the size of the machine, and how easy it is to use. With the right ice cream maker, you can create delicious, creamy treats that everyone will love. So, don’t wait any longer – call to action and get your ice cream maker today!

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