Ice Crushers: Choosing the Right One for You

Ice crushers are an essential tool for any home bar or kitchen, allowing you to easily crush ice for use in cocktails, smoothies, or other cold drinks. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? To help you make the best decision, consider the size and power of the crusher, the type of ice it can handle, and the design and features that best suit your needs.


Mixed drinks often cannot do without ice cubes or ice chips. Ice chips are also a delicacy that children in particular love. In the shops, you will also come across special ice shavings makers, but many are deterred from buying this machine by the high purchase price. Ice crushers however, are relatively affordable and simple devices that crush ice very quickly and easily.

Ice crushers take many forms, and are available in simple manual and more complex electric forms. The different varieties differ not only in the way they are used, but also in their purchase price. So before choosing a crusher, consider who will be using the crusher and how often.


Ice crushers are available in several forms. The difference is in the way the device is used.

Electric crushers

An electric ice crusher makes crushing ice cubes easier. It is a relatively small but very practical device that prepares ice chips at the touch of a button. You will be able to crush several cubes at once. The power of the crusher determines how much it can crush. Electric crushers also quite often allow you to adjust the coarseness of the ice.

Manual ice crusher

Manual crushers can kind of resemble a classic manual grinder. Using a simple mechanism, you attach the crusher to the table top and crush by turning the crank. Manual crushers are cheaper, but offer no features and are more laborious and time-consuming to work with. Those who will only make ice chips occasionally can comfortably get by with these machines.

Mixers with ice crushing function

You can also crush ice with a tabletop or stick blender. However, any blender cannot be used. Only sufficiently powerful mixers can crush ice. Less powerful ones can’t handle ice cubes and, in the worst case, you can damage the blender.


The most important parameter to look for in electric shredders is the power consumption. This determines how much ice the machine will be able to crush, and how long you will be able to use it without it overheating.

The cheapest crushers have a wattage of less than 100 watts and are more suitable for occasional and short-term use. A good quality shredder should have an input of between 100 and 300 W. Professional shredders are much more powerful, with an input starting at 400 W.

Container capacity

Another parameter to consider when making a selection is the capacity of the ice container. The smallest machines have a capacity of around 1 litre. For a larger family, an appliance with a container capacity of 1.5 to 3 litres is suitable. Larger professional machines have containers with a capacity of 8 litres or more.

When choosing a size, think about where you will store the appliance and how much space you can allocate for it. Often, smaller crushers will do the trick, as you can empty a full container in a short while and then resume crushing ice.


Ice crushers do not differ significantly from other kitchen aids in terms of manufacturing material. As a rule, stainless steel, plastic or a combination of both materials is used for their manufacture.

The manufacturing material affects the purchase price and the life of the apparatus. Stainless steel devices are generally more expensive, but a cheaper plastic shredder will suffice for normal use. Well-known manufacturers use very durable plastic that can withstand less gentle handling.

More important than the packaging, however, is the manufacturing material of the chopping knives. These should in all cases be made of high quality stainless steel.


Ice crushers are very simple devices and do not offer many specific features. An ice crusher may only allow you to adjust the coarseness of the ice, but you only have 2 choices. Some crushers have a cooling function, so the crushed ice will last for some time. Anti-slip feet and an overheating safety feature ensure your safety.


Ice crushers are not very popular at the moment, many people don’t even know that they can get an ice crusher. As a result, you will only find a smaller number of products. Ice crushers can be bought from brands such as Hendi, Gastroblock, Princess, PGX, Beper, Clatronic or even Contacto. The individual products differ mainly in appearance and performance. Although the range of ice crushers is not very large, you can choose from several different forms. White or stainless steel shredders predominate, but you can also buy a coloured version.

Questions and Answers

What can an ice crusher be used for?

Crushed ice is mainly used to make iced or blended drinks. However, you can also use it to prepare desserts or sorbets. Ice chips can also be used to preserve cold foods such as fish or salads for longer periods of time.

Can ice chips be prepared without a shredder?

Ice crushers are not well known devices. Those who do not have a crusher can make ice chips simply with a kitchen hammer or mallet. The ice cubes are simply packed into a kitchen container and then smashed. However, this is a fairly complicated and noisy preparation that you probably won’t want to do too often. The other option is to buy crushed ice.

What is a 2in1 ice crusher?

You can use this electric machine as both an ice crusher and an ice chip maker. Unlike professional ice chip makers, it is affordable and can be afforded by virtually everyone. The other option is to get a device that crushes ice and you will be able to use it as a classic chopper for various ingredients. It’s up to you which product you prefer.


Ice crushers are most useful during the summer months. However, some people may use an ice crusher year-round. You can use the crushed ice to make alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or iced coffee.

Unlike ice cubes, ice chips melt almost instantly and you can enjoy a perfectly refreshing drink. When choosing a shredder, consider how many people and how often you will be preparing the shavings. Accordingly, buy a manual or electric shredder. In the case of electric shredders, focus on performance and some practical features.

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How to choose an ice crusher?

Choosing the right ice crusher for your needs depends on a few key factors. First, consider the amount of ice you’ll need to crush. If you’re only looking to make a few drinks or snow cones at a time, a small manual crusher should do the trick. For larger batches, or for commercial use, an electric or hydraulic crusher will work best.

Next, look at the size of the ice you’ll be crushing. Some crushers are designed to crush ice into a specific shape, such as cubes or flakes, while others can handle any size. Finally, consider the speed and ease of use. Manual crushers are often the most affordable option, but require more effort and time. Electric and hydraulic models are faster and easier to use, but may be more expensive.

For more information on choosing the right ice crusher, check out this guide.

Advantages of Ice Crushers

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Can be used to crush larger chunks of ice into small pieces
  • Can be used to create crushed ice for cocktails and other drinks
  • Can be used to create snow cones and other frozen desserts
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs
  • Can be used to quickly and easily create crushed ice for a variety of recipes

Are you looking for an ice crusher to add to your kitchen? Look no further! Ice crushers are a great way to quickly and easily crush ice for any purpose. With so many different models and features available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. To help you make the best decision, consider the size of the ice cubes you need, the type of blades you prefer, and your budget. With the right ice crusher, you can make perfect icy drinks and snacks every time. Don’t wait any longer – start shopping for your perfect ice crusher today!

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