KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – The extra height of the KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen is one of features that make it an attractive option when there is more than one child in the house or for those who want a toy that will grow with a young child.

It’s one of the tallest play kitchens you can get. With cabinets and doors at the base, even the youngest child in the recommended age range can find something entertaining and as they grow they’ll be able to comfortably reach the cupboards and microwave at the top of the toy.

It’s a beautiful piece and fairly sturdy but it does take some time to put together (not uncommon…). There are a great number of finer details that add to the realistic nature of this particular toy kitchen but there are a few issues to keep in mind. Read on.

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KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Features

The KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen, model # 53181, has lots of intriguing play areas and moving parts:

  • Refrigerator with opening door and one shelf
  • Freezer with opening door
  • Oven with opening door and one removable shelf
  • Microwave with opening door
  • Removable, rectangular sink with pink and blue knobs
  • See through doors in the oven and microwave
  • Realistic looking stove top burners
  • Clock painted on the side of the refrigerator has moveable hour and minute hands
  • Faux note paper painted on the side of the refrigerator
  • Phone
  • Pastel pink, blue and peach color theme with yellow and blue wooden handles

The door on the oven opens to the side rather than pulling down like a real oven. While this takes away from children mimicking what they see in real life, it’s purely a practical feature as it prevents children from wanting to sit on – and subsequently break – the oven door. Kids will be kids, after all.

There are control panels for the microwave and the phone. These are painted on and not really push button controls. Kids have no problem pretending they are really working buttons and options, though. Actually, that’s a benefit. There’s not a lot of noise from this toy but lots of imagination being exercised!
The black paint, the shape, and the raised nature of the burners resemble a real kitchen. The burners are black surrounded with what looks like stainless steel drip pans. The knobs on the oven and the sink turn. The sink’s rectangular shape is more natural than the round sinks found in some other models.

This is a great choice when multiple children will be using the kitchen since the height works well for a broader age range – ages 2 to 7 could all comfortably create hours of imaginative play with this children’s kitchen.

If you’re shopping for a child at the low end of the recommended age range, this one will give you more years of use, again because the height means they won’t outgrow it as quickly as they would a shorter model.

There’s lots of built in storage, too – always nice to have for storing all the kitchen play accessories that will build up over time.

KidKraft Large Kitchen Material

en is made from MDF, particle board, non-toxic paint, and some plastic trim. All the knobs are plastic. The handles for all the doors are wooden MDF. The parts include a wall anchor so you can strap the unit to a wall for safety purposes.

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Noise and Lights

The oven and stove top knobs make a clicking noise when turned but there are no other sounds or lights.

KidKraft Large Kitchen Included Accessories

None – you’ll want to buy a selection of toy food, pots and pans, cooking utensils, and even plates and silverware to go with the Large Kitchen over time. The neat thing is that you’re covered for ideas on future birthdays and holidays for awhile!

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Optional Accessories

The Melissa and Doug baking sheets fit inside the oven.

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Age Range

Manufacturer recommendation is 3 years and up.

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Dimensions

42″ by 16″ inches by 42″
Weight: 87.5 pounds

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Ease of Assembly

It’s going to take most people 2-3 hours to put this children’s kitchen together. The more detail involved, the more work there is to be done and there are lots of cool details and trim on this model.

The parts are well organized and the instructions are easy to follow.

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Consumer Reviews


“We purchased this set a year ago. When we purchased it, we liked it very much. It was cute, and was a fairly sturdy piece. My children have played with it a lot. However, after only a year, it has…”(read more here: KidKraft Large Kitchen Review)

“I received this kitchen not too long ago my husband put it together took about two hours and it looks beautiful….however it is NOT made…”(read more here: KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review)

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Pros and Cons

Pros: Lots of storage. Height works well for younger kids as well as slightly older children due to higher counter and microwave height. Oven interior is large enough to use with toy kitchen and baking items like cooking sheets (purchased separately).
Cons: Several complaints that the doors came off in a short amount of time. Many parents expected the unit to be made of solid wood rather than the MDF/particle board set up and although they said the unit felt sturdy, the material doesn’t seem to hold the door hinges very well with excessive play.

KidKraft Large Pastel Kitchen Review – Price

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KidKraft Pastel Kitchen Instructions

1. Assemble the base of the kitchen using the four wooden posts and the two large shelves. Screw the posts into the shelves using the included screws and a screwdriver.

2. Attach the countertop to the posts using the smaller shelves. Screw these in place using the included screws and a screwdriver.

3. Hang the oven door on the front post using the provided hinges. Then, insert the knob into the door hole and screw it in place.

4. Affix the faucet to the sink using glue or another adhesive material. Then, twist on the handles until they are tight.

5. Place stickers where desired around kitchen for added decoration and realism! Enjoy your new KidKraft kitchen!

These are the general instructions for assembling a KidKraft Pastel Kitchen. For more specific instructions, please refer to the product manual. Happy building!

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