Little Partners Learning Tower review

Little Partners Learning Tower review – I’ve looked into a few step stool options to help children reach the counter top when preparing food. My child is six years old and doesn’t need that much help, and her inexpensive plastic stool is working fine, but for smaller kids, a 12-inch step-up may not be enough. If this is the case, then the Learning Tower from Little Partners might be a good investment. Admittedly, it is rather expensive at $200, but the tower is adjustable and can grow with your kid, which means the investment can be spread out over several years.

Unlike other ‘helper’ stands, this one gets good reviews on stability and craftsmanship. The last thing one needs when preparing food is a wobbly stool. I wouldn’t cook on something that wobbles, so neither would I want my child to.

I do see some drawbacks to these platforms though. First of all, there is the expense — it is not cheap. Secondly, they are a bit bulky and might not fit well in smaller kitchens. Lastly, the learning tower does weigh 35 pounds, so kids might have a difficult time moving the stool around. My child can easily move her lightweight plastic step stool, and it constantly gets transferred around the house with little effort, but this item will probably require a parent for transport. Also of note, some reviewers have mentioned that the pronged feet get in the way and kids often trip over them, but the the feet that stick out to the side are optional and only necessary if you feel that you need additional stability.

The learning tower comes in a variety of colors, including natural wood, and it is made for kids 18 months to 6 years old. You can purchase it at Amazon

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