Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – For less than $40, the Little Tikes Get Out N Grill is a great play set that kids seem to unanimously like. For parents, it’s a no-fuss toy that doesn’t need batteries but offers great imaginative play for the money.

This is a plastic barbecue that lets children feel like mom or dad on the patio grilling up hamburgers and hotdogs for the family cook out. It’s light enough that you can easily move it around and use it inside or out. I loved one parent’s suggestion that you pair it with an outdoor kid picnic table and umbrella set for a total play area. I would have loved that when I was little!

You can’t ignore the fact that this toy has won several awards, too – four in 2022 including Parents Magazine’s Best Toys list for 2022.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Features

This isn’t as large as some of the more traditional children’s kitchens but I included it because it fills a gap. There aren’t as many imaginative play toys for cooking that are geared towards boys and this one works well for both genders. As a mom of all boys – one of whom has a passion for food and cooking – finding toys that allowed them to explore their likes and hobbies AND appealed to them was important to me.

Features of the Little Tikes Get Out N Grill toy include:

  • Two level grill with flip down cover
  • Sink prep area on the left
  • Side burner area on the right
  • Starter button and clicking knobs
  • Towel bar
  • Large doors under the grill open to reveal extra storage space
  • Manufactured in the US

The base unit is molded to look like red bricks. The side sink and burner unit resemble a pebbled granite. The cabinet doors in the front and the lift up lid are silver in color to appear like the chrome you would find on a real grill. The handles and knobs are large and easy to grasp for even small fingers.

Two kids could play with this unit easily and because there are two utensils each child can help with the grilling.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Material

The Little Tikes Get Out N Grill is made of plastic and includes fade inhibitors which help it hold its color longer if left outside and exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Eventually, the color can fade but it takes longer for this to happen on Little Tikes products than on other kinds of plastic.

We’ve had a Little Tikes plastic ride on toy that my parents bought when my now 17 year old son was 1 that is still in use for other grandchildren. It’s spent most of its toy-life outside or in a garage and survived winters and rain and direct sunlight with only a slight amount of fading. All of the parts and pieces work as they did when the unit was brand new and that thing has been used for all kinds of things for which it was NOT intended. It’s a testament to the long life of the material used by Little Tikes for their plastic toy products.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Noise and Lights

There are no lights on this unit but there are knobs that click and turn for the burners and the grill. Of course, no noises and no lights mean no batteries for parents to have to worry about endlessly replacing.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Included Accessories

The Little Tikes comes with 8 accessory pieces:

  • Spatula (1)
  • Barbecue tongs (1)
  • Ketchup bottle (1)
  • Hotdog (1)
  • Hotdog bun (1)
  • Hamburger (1)
  • Hamburger bun (a bun which comes in two pieces, the top bun and the bottom bun so it’s counted as two of the 8 pieces)

There are two hooks on the front of the burner unit on which you can hang the spatula and the tongs. The accessories are a very thick, chunky plastic – not air filled squeezable ones. The hamburger bun isn’t scooped to snugly fit the hamburger so you might find it slides around inside the bun and doesn’t hold together well but kids don’t seem to mind.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Optional Accessories

There are lots of additional accessories that you can buy for any childrens kitchen. Those sets include pots, pans, more food and utensils. However, Little Tikes also actually makes some barbecue kitchen bundle play sets that are a perfect addition to this toy. Check out the Little Tikes Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies and the Backyard Barbeque Backyard Picnic.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Age Range

Recommended by the manufacturer for ages 3 and up.

Because this isn’t a very tall unit, you might need to look for something larger if you’re shopping for a child who is 6 or older. They’ll physically outgrow the unit pretty quickly.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Dimensions

28″H x 24″W x 11″D
Weight: 9 lb. 8 oz.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Ease of Assembly

Non of the Little Tikes Get Out N Grill is pre-assembled. All of the pieces will need to be attached with the supplied screws. You need only a screwdriver and a soft mallet to put the unit together and it really is pretty easy although the instructions about which screws go in which holes is a bit confusing. Little Tikes helps you out, though, with a great video tutorial on their site.

Estimate 30-60 minutes assembly time. You’ll also need to get all of the stickers on the front of the grill where the knobs are located.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Consumer Reviews

“LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 19 month old son loves opening up the grill, playing with the hot dog, and opening and closing the doors on bottom. He even climbs inside and plays peek-a-boo. I do like that its…(read more here: Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review)”

“I bought this for my grandson’s 5th birthday. His party was a cook-out and kids 3-5 got a big kick out of their own grill and immediately engaged in make-believe play. We haven’t had…(read more here: Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review)”

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Pros and Cons

Pros:Extra storage in the cabinet under the grill so you can store more accessories. Small enough to use indoors without taking up a lot of space. Lightweight so easy to move around the house or from indoors to outdoors. Sturdy. Easy to set up. No batteries required. Includes barbecue related toy accessories.

Cons: Some parents have complained about the lid coming unattached often during play. Although this only came up on a couple of reviews, it’s worth noting. The unit only weighs about 10 pounds so kids find it easy to tip it over. This is probably good and bad…might even explain why some lids seem to come unattached…
If this become an issue, you might want to weight down the bottom of the grill.

Little Tikes Get Out N Grill Review – Price

Check current pricing discounts:

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