Crepe-making is a helpful skill that allows you adding an extra dish on your food menu. This amazing French street food has great demand among the food lovers for its food value and delicious taste. Few of them knows, how to prepare delicious crepes, but most of them don’t know. In this handy guide, I’ve decided to share some easy steps to help you learn how to prepare delicious crepes effectively.

Do you love crepes but you don’t know how to make it? It is simple once you have the ingredients and a crepe pan. Following some easy steps, you can easily make crepes in your kitchen. This versatile dessert you can use to prepare various dishes from breakfast to dinner. It takes less time to cook and easily digestive as well.

Ingredients You Need to Prepare the Crepes with Crepe Pan:

  • 235ml regular flour
  • 350ml milk
  • 2 pieces eggs
  • Neutral oil
  • pinch salt
  • Granulated sugar (1 tablespoon recommended)
  • Vanilla extract (1 teaspoon recommended)
  • Unsalted butter (2 tablespoons recommended)

Without much ado, here is the step by step method on how to make crepes:

  1. Get the Essential Tools Available

There are some necessary tools that you need to have close to you whenever you intend doing crepes. They are grinder, spatula and crepe pan.  The grinder makes it quite more comfortable for you to mix the ingredients without any traces of lump and it also helps to keep your hand clean.

The work of the spatula is to raise the crepe in preparation to check if it is done or not and also to flip the crepe. The crepe pan is a must need equipment that you need to use. The whole process you need to perform on the crepe pan. So, you need a good crepe pan that is clean and easy to use.

Also, you need some cleaning material and ingredients I listed above. When you prepared all the equipment are ingredients, you are ready to start making crepes.

How to Prepare Delicious Crepes with Crepe Pan

  1. Prepare the Ingredients

Now you have all the equipment’s needed to make the crepe, you should get all the ingredients ready as well. Preparing crepe requires the use of some essential ingredient such as milk, eggs, flour, butter, and salt. I’ve already mentioned the measurements of these ingredients. You should maintain this ratio if you want to produce a larger amount of crepes.

The quality of each ingredient has a lot to say about the end product of the crepes you are making. Therefore, you need to choose the right ingredient during your preparation. You need to choose good quality ingredients to prepare delicious crepes.

  1. Blend the Crepe Batter

At this stage, you are to blend the entire ingredient listed above. You can do this with the help of the grinder. While mixing the ingredient, ensure the last to add to the blending process is the melted butter. This will help you get a perfect blend that will help to prepare delicious crepes effortlessly.

  1. Prep the Crepe Batter

Now that you have the blended batter, the next thing for you is to pour from the grinder into a bowl, and you can store in the fridge. If the batter turns out to be too thick, you should try to whisk in little milk to make it perfect for a crepe. The batter must not be thick just like pancake batter.

Batter selection is important to make perfect crepes. Because this impact on the crepe making process. When done, you are ready to move to the next step. You need to prepare the crepe pan to start making crepes.

  1. Prepare the Crepe Pan

Now that you have the crepe batter and you are ready to make the crepes, you should get your crepe batter available. Ensure it is clean and add a drop of oil on the interior surface of the pan. Make use of a paper towel to get the oil evenly distributed on the surface of the pan. This will help you prepare the crepe pan properly.

Make sure, your crepe pan is not sticky. You can use neutral oil to remove stickiness from your crepe pan. This will help you detach the crepes effectively from the pan. A mixture of ingredients also impacts negatively on this process. Thus, you need to care for every small step carefully.

  1. Pour the Batter on It

The next thing for you is to pour the batter on the pan and place on a cooker. Ensure the heat isn’t too much to the point the batter will get burnt quickly. It requires a little amount of heat to get a better result. When you get adequate heat on the crepe pan pour the batter on it.

With the spatula, you can raise the first side to see if it is done, once you see it give a brownish color, you can then flip and turn in the other side of the batter. This will help to melt the butter properly and prepare the pan to make crepes comfortably without burning it.

  1. Bring Out the Crepe

In this final step, you need to bring the crepe on the pan. You need to pour the mixture on the pan in an adequate amount. Spread the mixture on the pan to make it thin. You can dim the heat so that the crepe doesn’t get burnt. You can flip the crepe before bringing out the crip.

Now that the two sides are done, you should bring out the crepe and place on a flat plate. After that, you can choose to add other things to it while you fold it up such as chocolate, jams, fresh vegetables, fish, chicken, and fruits.

Final Verdict: Preparing crepes is not hard, but the lacking knowledge. I listed a few common steps that will help you to learn the process conveniently. People often make crepes in their house and parties, but they get the worst outcome though for lacking knowledge. You have to get the right measurement of each ingredient to get a perfect outcome.



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