Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with 8 Inch Swivel Spout

Introducing our high-quality Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with an 8-Inch Swivel Spout! This faucet is built to withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen while delivering exceptional performance and durability.

Featuring an 8-inch center sink design, this faucet is perfect for commercial kitchens seeking a reliable and versatile option. The swivel spout allows for easy maneuverability, making it ideal for multitasking and cleaning large pots and pans.

Crafted with 2-handle functionality, this faucet provides precise control over water temperature and flow, ensuring efficient and convenient operation. The NSF approval ensures the highest standards of quality, making it suitable for use in commercial establishments.

Designed with a polished chrome finish, this faucet not only provides a sleek and professional look but is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Additionally, the no-lead construction ensures the safety and purity of the water supply.

Upgrade your commercial kitchen with our Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with 8 Inch Swivel Spout for a reliable, durable, and efficient faucet option.

Price: $59.99
(as of Oct 17,2023 02:00:06 UTC – Details)

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【Easy Control】 The faucet features a dual temperature lever handles and a double O-ring 7 inch swing spout which rotates 360 degree. The dual handles can direct hot or cold water to anywhere you desire.
【Great Design】Professional designers and unique design quality kitchen faucet will be a highlight of your kitchen.
【High Quality】Heavy duty brass construction with superior rust-resistant polished chrome finished; increasing the service life one times.
【Installation】8-inch Adjustable Center: suit any size of your commercial sink.

H2: Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with 8 Inch Swivel Spout 8″ Center Sink 2-Handle NSF No Lead Faucet Mixer Tap Polish Chrome,4353

Commercial Kitchen Faucets: A Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

A commercial kitchen faucet with a wall mount and 8-inch swivel spout, the 2-handle NSF no lead faucet mixer tap in a polish chrome finish is an excellent choice for your kitchen. Designed specifically for commercial use, this faucet offers numerous advantages that make it the perfect addition to any professional kitchen.


1. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, this commercial kitchen faucet is built to withstand heavy use and last for years. The sturdy construction ensures it can handle the demands of a busy kitchen environment.

2. Wall Mount Design: The wall mount feature of this faucet maximizes your kitchen space. By fixing it onto the wall, you can free up valuable counter space, making it easier to work and clean around the sink area.

3. Swivel Spout: The 8-inch swivel spout allows for flexible movement, providing convenience and ease when washing large pots, pans, or other bulky kitchen utensils. This feature gives you the freedom to direct the water flow precisely where you need it.

4. 2-Handle Operation: With its 2-handle operation, this faucet offers precise control over water temperature and flow. The separate handles for hot and cold water allow you to adjust the water to your desired temperature easily.

5. NSF Certified: This NSF no lead faucet mixer tap ensures it meets the strict health and safety standards required for commercial kitchens. With this certification, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are using a faucet that won’t compromise the quality and safety of your kitchen.

6. No Lead: The faucet is specially designed to be lead-free, which is an important attribute for health-conscious individuals. Lead-free faucets contribute to maintaining clean and safe water supplies, preventing any potential health risks.

7. Polish Chrome Finish: The faucet’s polish chrome finish not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also makes it easy to clean and maintain. It resists tarnishing and scratching, ensuring it retains its shine even after extended use.

Whether you own a restaurant, catering service, or any type of commercial kitchen, this Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with 8 Inch Swivel Spout is the perfect choice. Its durable construction, space-saving design, and convenient features make it an excellent investment for any professional kitchen.

Outbound Links:
– NSF Certification: [NSF International](
– Lead-free Faucets: [Environmental Protection Agency](
– Chrome Finish Maintenance: [Cleaning Tips for Chrome Fixtures](

What features does the Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with 8 Inch Swivel Spout offer?

– The faucet offers an 8-inch swivel spout and an 8″ center sink.
– It comes with a 2-handle design for easy control of water flow and temperature.
– The faucet is NSF and no lead certified, ensuring it meets the highest industry standards.
– It has a polished chrome finish that adds elegance to any commercial kitchen.

Is the Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount suitable for commercial use?

– Yes, this faucet is specifically designed for commercial kitchens and is ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and other food service establishments.

Does the faucet have a wall mount installation?

– Yes, this faucet is designed to be mounted on the wall, making it easier to clean and maintain the sink area.

Can the swivel spout be rotated?

– Yes, the 8-inch swivel spout can be rotated to provide flexibility and convenience while washing dishes or filling pots.

What is the significance of the NSF and no lead certifications?

– The NSF certification ensures that the faucet meets strict standards for public health and safety in commercial food service settings.
– The no lead certification guarantees that the faucet is free from harmful lead materials, making it safe for food service applications.

Is the faucet resistant to tarnishing and corrosion?

– Yes, the faucet is made with a polished chrome finish that not only adds a polished look but also provides resistance against tarnishing and corrosion, even with regular use in a commercial kitchen.

Does the faucet come with a warranty?

– Yes, this faucet is backed by a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. The duration and terms of the warranty may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the manufacturer or retailer for specific details.

In conclusion, the Commercial Kitchen Faucet Wall Mount with 8 Inch Swivel Spout, 8″ Center Sink, 2-Handle NSF No Lead Faucet Mixer Tap in Polish Chrome is a highly durable and functional addition to any commercial kitchen. With its swivel spout and 2-handle design, it provides convenience and ease of use. Furthermore, the NSF certification ensures that this faucet meets the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. The polished chrome finish adds a sleek and modern touch, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice as well. Whether you are a professional chef or a homeowner looking for a reliable and efficient faucet, this product offers excellent value for money.

Price: $59.99
(as of Oct 17,2023 02:00:06 UTC – Details)

This product is intended for commercial use. It is a wall-mounted kitchen faucet with an 8-inch swivel spout and a 2-handle mixer tap. The faucet is NSF-certified and does not contain lead. It features a polished chrome finish.

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Commercial Faucet


  • Engineered design and built for performance & dependability.
  • Heavy duty brass construction and polished chrome body.
  • Reinforced double O-Ring valves with hot and cold mark on stem.
  • Color coded red and blue handles with heavy duty double O-ring swivel spout.

NSF No Lead Commercial Sink Wall Mount Faucet

utility sink faucet

Type : Two Handle Faucet

Mounting : wall-mounted


Valve: Reliable Ceramic Cartridge

Water Pressures:Minimum 0.5 bar, 1.0 bar recommended

Chrome finish is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that works with any decorating style.

The flow is ideal for everyday bathroom tasks, like brushing teeth and washing hands.


Stream Spout

The pressure of the water is geared towards water efficiency without sacrificing water pressure or overall performance.


360° Swivel

Easy control 1 or 2 sink whatever you want.


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Finish Oil Rubbed Bronze Oil Rubbed Bronze Oil Rubbed Bronze Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel
Flow Mode Stream/Spray/Sweep Stream/Spray/Sweep Stream/Spray/Sweep Stream/Spray/Sweep Stream/Spray/Sweep Stream/Spray/Sweep
Style Pull-Down Sprayer Pull-Down Sprayer Pull-Down Sprayer Pull-Down Sprayer Pull-Down Sprayer Pull-Down Sprayer
Holes Required 1 or 3 hole 1 or 3 hole 1 or 3 hole 1 or 3 hole 1 or 3 hole 1 or 3 hole
Spout Swivel 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Included Deck Plate

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