Soup Makers: The Perfect Kitchen Appliance for Delicious Soups

Soup makers are the perfect kitchen appliance for making delicious soups quickly and easily. With a soup maker, you can create a wide variety of soups, from creamy chowders to hearty vegetable soups. Soup makers are also great for making smoothies and other drinks. With a soup maker, you can enjoy homemade soups and drinks in the comfort of your own home.

How to Choose the Right Soup Maker for You

When choosing a soup maker, it’s important to consider the size, features, and price. Make sure the soup maker is large enough to make the amount of soup you want to make. Look for features like a timer, adjustable temperature, and removable parts for easy cleaning. Finally, consider the price to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.



These days, proponents of modern cooking cannot do without handy electrical appliances. With their help, they can prepare various types of dishes very easily and quickly. One of the newer appliances that may not be too familiar to everyone is the soup maker. This special container can be used to cook soups, sauces, baby food, smoothies or marmalade.

Soup maker is a device that has several forms, you can buy a soup maker with a blender or a blender with a cooking function. In both types, you need to choose the required volume of the container and another parameter you should focus on is the power consumption. Soup makers don’t differ much in appearance, so the only thing that can differentiate them are the different functions that these appliances offer. The choice of soup makers is not very large, you will basically be deciding between four manufacturers.


The soup cooker belongs, like the rice cooker, to the group of electric pots. However, this appliance is not the only one that allows you to prepare a really tasty soup. In addition to it, you can also get a multi-function pot, which is an appliance that you can use to prepare many different dishes.

Soup pot

The soup kettle includes a rubust handle and, of course, a lid. Unlike a kettle, however, the soup maker has several different programs, thanks to which you can also use it to prepare other dishes. Most soup kettles also include an integrated blender, which comes in handy when cooking creamy soups, baby food, snacks or porridge.

  • Soup maker with blender – These soup kettles, like the kettle, have the heating element located at the bottom of the container. A blender is then placed inside the vessel, which can blend or just stir the soup being prepared. The main function of the soup cooker is to cook the soup, blending is a secondary function and does not have to be used every time.
  • Blender with cooking function – also of this type everything is exactly the opposite. The main function is the mixing function and the cooking option is only a secondary function. Considering this appliance can be compared to a classic table blender. The mixer can be used in the standard way, the integrated cooking base can be used separately. Like the soup maker with mixer, the mixer with cooking base has many different programs and functions.

Multifunctional pot

Although even soup pots are considered multifunctional appliances, it will offer you a smart pot after all, much more. Multifunctional pots combine several different appliances and can be used for boiling, baking, frying, steaming and slow cooking. The downside of multifunction pots for some may be the fact that the pot does not include a blender.


It is also important to select the required volume of the container. A soup pot will usually allow you to prepare 4 – 6 servings of soup. The volume of the container is usually in the range of 1.2 – 2.2 litres. The smaller version is suitable for 1 – 2 people, while a 2 litre container is sufficient for a normal family of 4. A larger family will need a larger container.


The wattage is a parameter that determines how long it will take to cook a dish. In most cases, you will be done within 20 minutes. However, more powerful soup makers can reduce the cooking time by a few minutes. Less powerful soup makers will then take longer to prepare the soup. The power of the soup cooker is also affected by the size of the container and usually ranges from 750 – 1,500 watts.


Soup kettles are commonly made of stainless steel, which is usually combined with plastic. The stainless steel is used for the cooking vessel, this material guarantees the necessary durability. The integrated blender is also made of stainless steel. Only some of the less stressed parts are made of plastic. These are usually the handle, the base with the control panel and some other parts. You will find a combination of these materials in both cheaper and more expensive appliances.


Soup makers look very simple at first glance, but they are devices that can really do a lot. Thanks to the automatic programs, you can use the soup maker to cook sauces, jams, porridges, purees and baby food and snacks. In addition, each soup maker has an integrated blender that you can also use separately.

In addition to the preset programs, the soup makers have several other practical functions.

  • Mixing – Every soup maker has this function. However, not every one allows you to adjust the mixing intensity. However, better quality machines will allow you to set the desired consistency. You can thus blend the resulting dish until smooth or prepare a dish with different sized pieces.
  • Overheating protection – This is a practical safety feature that takes care of the reliability of the device.
  • Temperature maintenance – Many soup makers also have a mode that keeps the finished food at a higher temperature for a longer period of time.
  • Display – All the necessary information can be read from the clear LCD display.
  • Adding raw materials – A handy feature that allows you to add ingredients during preparation.


You can buy soup makers from leading manufacturers of many kitchen appliances. We have the largest selection of DOMO brand soup makers on the market. Another option is Beper.You can buy a soup maker with a blender from TESCOMA or Concept. According to the number of manufacturers, it is clear that this type of electric pots is not represented in the market in any great quantity. However, these manufacturers offer soup cookers of different sizes, which also differ in the number of functions. Thus, more and less demanding users will find their own.


The disadvantage of soup makers is that they are more difficult to maintain. Good quality soup makers are often equipped with a self-cleaning function. In this case, it is sufficient to pour water into the container, add a suitable cleaning agent and then switch the machine on. If the soup cooker does not offer this option, it should at least have a removable container that can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Questions and answers

What are the biggest advantages of a soup maker?

The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the ease of use and very simple preparation. Just put the chopped ingredients into the soup maker, then select the appropriate program, and the machine will take care of the cooking itself. This eliminates the need to keep an eye on the pot on the stove and the various stirring of the ingredients. The advantage is also the minimal preparation time, you can cook classic and cream soup in 20 minutes, the broth will be ready in half an hour. Thanks to the various programs, you can prepare a blended fruit or vegetable snack or smoothie in no time.

What to look out for when choosing one?

As mentioned, every soup maker should include a blender. The soup maker then usually allows the blender to be used separately as a secondary function. However, this is not always the rule. You should be particularly cautious with the cheaper models. They may not have this function and the cooker and blender will always start together. In such a soup cooker, you will only be able to prepare various blended dishes, but you won’t be able to use it to prepare classic soup with chunks or stock.

What cooking programs may be available?

The number of programs varies with the model and purchase price of the appliance. Each appliance will offer a program designed to make chunky soup, cream soup and stock. A program for cooking baby food, puree or smoothie is also common. Better quality appliances also have a RAW mode that prepares food without cooking. Other programmes allow you to simmer or roast ingredients.


The automatic soup cooker belongs to the group of electric smart pots. With its help, you can not only cook soup, but also blend it. You can use the soup cooker to prepare broth, creamy and classic soups with pieces of vegetables. It is also suitable for families with small children, here you can use it to prepare baby food and snacks. It is also suitable for preparing fruit and vegetable smoothies, jams, marmalades, etc. Its great advantage is its simple operation and overall very easy production.

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How to choose a soup maker?

When choosing a soup maker, you should consider the size, features, and price. Size is important to consider if you plan to make large batches of soup. Features such as adjustable settings, pre-programmed settings, and additional attachments are important to consider depending on the type of soup you plan to make. Lastly, the price should be considered to ensure you get the best value for your money.

For more information on choosing a soup maker, please visit Good Housekeeping’s guide to choosing a soup maker.

Advantages of Soup Makers

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Saves energy
  • Healthier than canned soups
  • Makes a variety of soups
  • Can be used to make other dishes

Are you looking for a soup maker to make delicious homemade soups? Look no further! Soup makers are an easy and convenient way to make delicious soups in no time. With the right soup maker, you can make a variety of different soups quickly and easily. But how do you choose the right one? Consider the size, features and price of the soup maker before making your purchase. Make sure to read reviews and compare different models to find the perfect soup maker for your needs. Start making delicious soups today with the right soup maker!

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