Bacon cooker microwave – The Bacon Boss

Bacon cooker microwave – The Bacon Boss – For right now though, we’re getting into some product reviews.  It’s the holidays, you guys may not have saw anything in Special Magic Kitchen you liked, so I got more product reviews coming, get ready!

Like today, it’s really going to be inexpensive and I love bacon, most guys do, I think everybody does really.  This is called Bacon Boss.  That’s right, crispy bacon right from the microwave.  I’ve done a ton of bacon cookers and I want to show you first the one that I think is my all-time favorite.  That’s my all-time favorite, but let me show you how it looks like, come on in close.

Bacon cooker microwave –  how it looks like

This is all that it is.  It’s a 10-dollar device.  This is the best one.  I’ve done them all, right!  You get this drip tray and in the drip tray, there are three holes, you put these in, these three things here.  Washes really easy, comes apart really easy and then you hang your strips of bacon like this, so you’re bacon folds over and never touches the grease and this gets flooded with fat and you don’t ever use any of it and the bacon cooks perfect, you can do a whole pound of bacon on this thing.  This was 10 dollars, it is called Making Bacon.  It’s my all-time favorite, nothing has beaten it yet.  Well, maybe not, but let’s take a look.

Bacon cooker microwave –  let’s take a closer look

Here it is, the Bacon Boss.  So here is the lid.  We will pull that out first.  Interesting, the handle moves.  Like it’s got a screw on device, it got like grooves for your screw.  I don’t know what that’s for.  We will find that in a second.  Once again, this is how guys figure things out.  I know there’s a booklet here…Oh!  There is no booklet?  Oh, okay, there’s no booklet.  I mean, seriously, there’s no instruction, not that I’m really disappointed but anyway.

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Bacon cooker microwave –  let’s lay our bacon out

Alright so let’s lay our bacon out.  Oh, well that’s kind of awkward.  Oh, looks like this way.  Okay, well this a regular pound of bacon and I’m not sure why it’s not long enough to hold my bacon.  I have a little problem here too.  Are they cooking?  How are they doing this?  Can I get a picture?  There we go!


Yeah, see they are saying loaded, see it loaded right there, but that bacon have been trimmed to fit this pan.  Ok, so let’s see if we can at least see if it works.  I’m not going to be able to put the full strip of bacon in there, because for some reason, the bacon they’re using in theirs is not as long as mine, it’s been trimmed.  It’s a lot of bacon not being used and is that it?  How many pieces did they fit on there’s? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Alright, this only cooks five at a time, that’s what their picture has.  Then we’re going to screw this down.  I don’t know why you need to screw it down, I really don’t, and then we’re going to put it in the……  Oh! Hey I think I found some instructions.

Put in the microwave, uses product only for intended use, place it in the cooker in the center of the microwave, add one minute of cooking for each strip of bacon, the bacon not fully cooked after that time, do 30-second intervals until it’s done. Alright, so I’ve five pieces in here, that’s five minutes in the microwave.


Bacon cooker microwave –  it’s done

Oh, it’s done.  Let’s go get the bacon and see how it went.  Alright, here we go.  Okay, so I just pulled it out after five minutes, five pieces and the weird thing is, I pull it out and as the grease goes back and forth and I’m carrying in, the grease is dragging through the bacon.  It’s not pulling the grease away and there is grease on it, So I have unscrewed it, alright, yes this lid worked like it promised, kept it flat.  Let me go run this over at the sink, but the bacon is very greasy still.  I mean you can see, its pool of grease right here on each area.

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The Bacon Boss –  Summary

Okay, well I’m going to put that on paper towel because it’s just way too greasy.  Okay, so I’m calling the Bacon Boss a failure.  Sorry, Bacon Boss:


  1. You’re not long enough for full strips of bacon,
  2. I can only do only five strips at a time, where on Making Bacon; I can do with the whole pound on here.
  3. It just didn’t keep the grease away. It’s still swimming in grease.

How long do you cook bacon in the bacon boss?

In the bacon boss, you cook bacon for four minutes on each side. This will give you perfectly cooked bacon every time!

How do you use the microwave bacon cooker?

First, you need to preheat the microwave bacon cooker. Then, you cook the bacon on each side for about two minutes or until it is crispy. Finally, you remove the bacon from the microwave bacon cooker and enjoy!

The Bacon Boss
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the-bacon-boss-microwave-baconBacon cooker microwave - The Bacon Boss Bacon cooker microwave - The Bacon Boss - For right now though, we're getting into some product reviews.  It's the holidays, you guys may not have saw anything in Special Magic Kitchen you liked, so I got more...


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