The Best Graters for Parmesan Cheese: A Comprehensive Guide

If you love adding freshly grated Parmesan cheese to your pasta, salad or other dishes, you need the right tool to make it happen. There are a variety of graters available, and finding the right one for the job can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the best graters for Parmesan cheese, including options for different budgets and preferences.

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, the right Parmesan cheese grater can save you time and effort in the kitchen, while also providing perfectly grated cheese that enhances the flavor of your dishes. From manual graters to electric models, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each type of grater to help you make an informed decision.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your dishes with the perfect Parmesan cheese garnish, keep reading to discover the best graters for Parmesan cheese.

The Best Graters for Parmesan Cheese: A Comprehensive Guide


Parmesan cheese is a staple in many households. It adds a nutty and savory flavor to many dishes from pastas, to salads, and even popcorn. To add that perfect touch of Parmesan to your dishes, it’s important to have a good cheese grater. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over the different types of graters available and which ones work best for Parmesan cheese.

Types of Graters

Box Graters

Box graters are the most common type of cheese grater. They usually have four sides with different sized grating holes. The side with the smallest holes is perfect for grating Parmesan cheese. They are relatively inexpensive and can usually be found in any kitchen supply store or online.

One downside to box graters is that they can be difficult to clean, especially around the holes. However, many newer models have removable grating surfaces that can make cleaning easier.

Microplane Graters

Microplane graters are a newer type of grater that have become increasingly popular in recent years. They have a long, slender design and feature small, razor-sharp blades. These graters work particularly well for Parmesan cheese because they create a very fine, fluffy texture.

Microplane graters are also very easy to clean. Simply rinse them off with warm water and use a brush to remove any leftover cheese particles.

Rotary Graters

Rotary graters are a classic design that have been used for decades. They feature a cylinder with sharp teeth that you turn with a handle. The cheese is grated as it passes through the holes in the cylinder. Rotary graters work well for Parmesan cheese because they create a very fine, even texture.

One downside to rotary graters is that they can be difficult to clean. They usually need to be disassembled in order to be cleaned properly.


When it comes to Parmesan cheese, having the right grater can make all the difference. Box graters, microplane graters, and rotary graters are all excellent options that work well for different types of cheese. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you are most comfortable using. Whichever grater you choose, make sure to clean it thoroughly after each use to prevent any bacteria growth.

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The Best Graters for Parmesan Cheese: A Comprehensive Guide

What are the different types of graters for Parmesan cheese?

There are three main types of graters for Parmesan cheese: microplane graters, rotary graters, and box graters.

What is a microplane grater?

A microplane grater is a small, handheld grater with sharp, razor-like teeth that make it easy to grate Parmesan cheese finely.

What is a rotary grater?

A rotary grater is a mechanical grater with a hand crank that turns a barrel-shaped drum with sharp blades inside. This type of grater is useful for grating large quantities of hard cheese, including Parmesan.

What is a box grater?

A box grater is a four-sided grater with different sized grating surfaces on each side. This type of grater is versatile and can be used to grate Parmesan cheese, as well as other types of cheese and vegetables.

What should I consider when choosing a grater for Parmesan cheese?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a grater for Parmesan cheese, including size, ease-of-use, and cleaning. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a microplane grater for a fine texture, a rotary grater for efficiency, or a box grater for versatility.

What are some recommended brands of graters for Parmesan cheese?

Some recommended brands of graters for Parmesan cheese include Microplane, OXO, and Zyliss.

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The Best Parm Cheese Grater for Delicious Pasta Dishes

Why Parm Cheese Grater is Essential for Pasta Lovers

If you love pasta, parmesan cheese should be one of your staple ingredients. This delicious and tangy cheese adds depth and flavor to any pasta dish. However, you don’t want to just sprinkle pre-grated cheese on top of your pasta. Pre-grated cheese loses its flavor quickly, and is often coated in anti-clumping agents that alter the taste. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a high-quality parmesan cheese grater.

Types of Parm Cheese Graters

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a parmesan cheese grater. The most popular types include:

  • Handheld rotary grater: These small grating devices are perfect for home kitchens. Simply turn the handle and watch as they slice parmesan cheese into fluffy, delicate shreds.
  • Box grater: The traditional four-sided box grater can be found in most kitchens. The side with the smallest holes is perfect for grating parmesan cheese.
  • Electric grater: For larger quantities, an electric cheese grater can save you time and effort. These machines can be a bit bulky, but they get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Best Parm Cheese Grater: Microplane

Of all the parmesan cheese graters on the market, the Microplane is widely considered the best. These simple, handheld graters use ultra-sharp blades to slice through cheese easily, creating fluffy, delicate shreds. Plus, they’re easy to clean and store. You’ll find that a Microplane cheese grater will quickly become an indispensable tool in your kitchen.

For more information on Parmesan cheese grated, head over to Wikipedia’s page on Parmigiano-Reggiano.


The Best Graters for Parmesan Cheese: A Comprehensive Guide


  • Why is having the right grater important?
  • What to look for in a good Parmesan cheese grater

Types of Graters

  • Microplane Grater
  • Box Grater
  • Rotary Grater
  • Electric Grater

Reviews of the Best Parmesan Cheese Graters

  • Microplane Classic Zester/Grater
  • OXO Good Grips Box Grater
  • Rösle Stainless Steel Rotary Cheese Grater
  • Presto Professional Electric Cheese Grater


  • Final thoughts on choosing the best grater for Parmesan cheese

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