Don’t have a car and often go to the shops to buy more food or drinks? Do your hands and back hurt from the eternal pulling of shopping bags? Do you mind the constant shopping in plastic bags that will not last anything? Get a shopping bag on wheels and you’ll be worried.


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  • Weatherproof material keeps the things dry from the rain and snow
  • Ergonomic cushion handle makes it easy to maneuver causing less stress on the joints
  • Constructed from durable steel for longer usage

Shopping bags that can be comfortably pulled behind each other are no longer the domain of seniors. Many others, including young people, have understood that our health is paramount and that a sore back certainly does not contribute to it. That is why the production of shopping bags on wheels began, which will be appreciated not only by seniors, but also by young people.


Whether you want a shopping bag on wheels for regular shopping in the supermarket, or occasional visits to the library, choosing carefully pays off. It is not just about the design and whether you like the bag, but above all about the material, function, weight or its volume. Therefore, we will advise you on what to focus on when choosing such a bag, so that you are satisfied with it and serve you well and for a long time.


Before you start choosing a bag on wheels, find out what size you really need. Most often, bags with a volume of 40 liters are bought. But you can also find larger or smaller shopping bags. Choose according to how many things you actually buy and what you will actually use the bag for.

The weight of the shopping bag also plays a role. If you choose a solid steel construction, the bag will last a long time, but it can be heavy on its own. A popular material is therefore aluminum, supplemented by other lightweight elements, which will make it much easier for you to pull a shopping bag filled with a purchase.

In addition to size, find out the load capacity well. Some shopping bags have a volume of 40 liters, but their carrying capacity is only 20 to 25 kg. And that can be small. The load-bearing capacity, material and quality of the design are often reflected in the price of the bag, but if you use it several times a week and regularly, you better pay extra for the quality.


When choosing, also look at the material from which the shopping bag is made. Not only the construction (strong and light – see above) is important. If you choose a bag made of water-permeable material, your belongings or purchases may not be safe in it. It’s not just that you can’t get wet with your bag. Riding it into mud and puddles could also be a risk. In addition, the waterproof material is well kept clean. It is not necessary to wash the bag every time, but just wipe it with a damp cloth.


If you are going to drive really heavy purchases, make sure that the wheels are really strong and last a long time. It is ideal if they are adapted to more demanding terrain. Not everyone has the opportunity to drive only on concrete sidewalks. And with a fully loaded bag, paving blocks or so-called cat heads can also complicate transport.

As for the handle – handle of the shopping bag, it is ideal if it is ergonomic and fits well in the hand. Make sure it doesn’t slip and, if possible, that it can be folded or pushed in when you don’t need it. The most ideal are telescopic handles, which you can adjust to your size and needs.


We have already discussed the design of the shopping bag on wheels at the beginning of the article. Whereas previously these bags were made mainly for seniors and people with health problems, now you will find fashionable pieces on the market suitable for young people or even students. Just imagine dragging yourself from / to the library with a shoulder bag loaded with books. Wouldn’t a shopping bag on wheels be more comfortable?

So you will find classic-style bags on the market that clearly indicate what they are designed for. But you will also find design pieces, cheerful colors and patterns, or even shopping carts with a telescopic handle, which classic bags on wheels do not resemble anything at all. Therefore, discard prejudices and think about your health. Get a practical shopping bag on wheels and choose the one that will suit you.

The biggest benefits

  • You no longer have to carry a heavy purchase in your hand or on your back
  • you save your back, muscles and joints
  • you can easily transport a larger amount of purchases that you would otherwise drag home, even three times
  • some bags are also adapted for transporting frozen food
    ideal for young and old
  • you don’t have to drag books to / from your library in your purse / backpack
  • some shopping bags will be replaced by a shopping cart in a supermarket
  • you can easily store it at home, even in a small apartment
  • having your own bag means not wasting plastics!
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