Things to Consider With a Deep Kitchen SinkKitchen sinks can be quite expensive therefore, it is important to select the one that suits the design of your kitchen and the purpose that you need it for as well. A stainless steel deep kitchen sink is one of the most popular kinds of sink that every household could use.  But before purchasing these types of kitchen sink, you must consider all the factors, like kitchen sink dimensions including depth, in order to find the appropriate one for your kitchen needs.


Types of Deep Kitchen Sink

There are a lot of types of kitchen sinks available in the market which are available at various depths and configurations. They come in different materials such as iron, porcelain, stainless steel and copper. The most popular kitchen sink is the one made of stainless steel because it is lighter, low-cost, durable and its tough stain resistant properties. Porcelain types of sink offer a sophisticated look and often extra deep sinks, sometimes in a farmhouse style. Each material has its own unique qualities and benefits and can complement your décor in many ways.

Kohler K-3361-4-NA Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The Perfect Deep Kitchen Sink Dimension

The depth of your kitchen sink is based ultimately upon your own preference, usage, and even your height.

The standard basin is six to eight inches deep, but newer models are inching deeper. A 12-inch-deep basin may be more convenient, but they will also be less comfortable for taller users….

Typcal kitchen sink depths are approximately 8″ deep, therefore a deep kitchen sink would be typically 9 or 10″, but can be even deeper depending on the style and manufacturer. A shallow sink, or a bar or prep sink would be around 5.5-6″ deep, which may be appropriate in some cases, but typically not for washing dishes, pots and pans. If you have a lot of larger sized pots, cookie sheets, and frying pans that you use often, then deep kitchen sinks makes perfect sense. Blanco offers a really big single bowl kitchen sink which is quite deep at 9.5″ and reviewed here.

Why Does My Height Matter?

The deeper a sink is, the less practical it is if you are shorter in stature and if you are quite tall. The reason is the extra reaching required to reach the bottom of the sink may cause discomfort and back pain. Considering the hours you spend at the kitchen sink, you should be comfortable, so consider your height as an important criteria in determining whether a deep sink is right for you or not.

Check out this video for other great tips on choosing a stainless steel deep kitchen sink.

Advantages of a Deep Kitchen Sinks

  • Extra room for soaking roasting pans, stockpots and dutch ovens
  • Possible to pile much more dishes in large bowl for soaking and “hiding dishes”
  • Causes less splashing since the sides are higher and can contain the splash zone
  • Great for defrosting large items like the Thanksgiving turkey
  • Easy to clean vegetables and fruits using a large bowl


  • May not be ergonomic – if you are short or quite tall, a deep sink requires more bending and can hurt your back
  • May require extra support, since a deeper sinks is usually bigger and heavier
  • Reduce the amount of available space under the counter
  • Shallower bowl depths may be required for garbage disposal units

Whatever kind of material and the shape you select for your next kitchen sink, a deeper kitchen sink can be a perfect choice for your kitchen. Your job will become easier and it will allow you to enjoy your cooking much more. Therefore, whether you are building or remodeling your kitchen, make sure to consider a deep kitchen sink that will surely suit your style and functional requirements. Make sure to take a look through the sink reviews when choosing your next kitchen sink.

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