Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets To Make Life much Easier – We all are leading busy lives and when we get some leisure time we don’t want to spend it in the kitchen for sure. Innumerable times we have thought how wonderful it would be to have a machine that could do all these chores for us. Now, this is not a mere thought anymore, all thanks to the inventors of cool kitchen gadgets. This is the best time to live because with the amazing kitchen gadgets for every chore even an occasional cook can impress the foodies. Many kitchen gadgets will astonish you, have a look!


Flexible Sieve

Regular strainers are a pain; let’s admit it. They require an extra calendar to drain the veggies and if you want to drain pasta, then just forget about the time and effort required. Food sticks to them and washing becomes a struggle and losing half of the food is a norm. The flexible sieve and strainers are the lifesavers. They are super easy to use simply attach and spread over the pot and rinse, drain, eat, and repeat.

Herb scissors

Don’t make these faces upon seeing the herbs in the recipe because there are ideal scissors out there to help you with this dreaded job. The blade herb scissors help you cutting the herbs five times faster than chopping them with the knife. No cutting board and knife are needed, and herbs can be freshly cut in no time for the happy meals.

Garlic Grinder

Who else loves the flavor of freshly chopped garlic in the food and absolutely hate the lingering smell on their hands? This gadget that we are talking about is for people like us because it allows the merest contact between hands and the cloves. Also, it grinds the garlic way faster than the skilled chef. it is easy to use, put the cloves inside and push the grinder back and forth.

Lazy Man Pan

Oh! Even the name of this gadget gives a homey feeling. This is the ultimate pan we all need in our life because it says it’s for us duh! Didn’t you notice that ‘lazy’? It’s a five compartment cookware to cook everything at once and in a single pan. That’s a lot of dishwashing saved. This amazingly awesome product is available through the gift and gadget store promotional code, what else do you want? It comes with the non-stick coating which makes cleaning easier.

Hands-Free Stirrer

Stirring the same thing over and over again is not a lovely job, and nobody enjoys it. The automatic hands-free stirrer solves this problem. It has three legs which have silicon at the bottom to avoid leaving scratches on the pan. The best part is it comes with different speed settings, and it is powered by a battery. This is an ingenious idea as it bids time for other preparations like setting the table or mixing salads or maybe just sitting in front of the television, that’s important.

Clipped Bag Holder

If you are home alone and there is no one to lend a helping hand then filling in the bags becomes a dirty job. Well, not anymore because some mastermind came with the idea of inventing clipped bag holder. Now, you can fill in the food in those bags or take it out when needed easily. These clips hold the bag open for as long as necessary which enables to get the job done without getting the kitchen counter dirty.

Scrap Collector Cutting Board

Cutting veggies is already a time taking the job for us occasional chefs, and the mess the leftover creates is a plight. The dicing and slicing on the cutting board would be much easier without the scraps taking up all the room. This cutting board has a scrap collector so we can just push all the unwanted waste in it and empty it later.

Hot Dish Gripper Clip

Several times fingers are burned when we try to pick up the hot pan or a dish. Save yourself from cursing and abusing at such moments by getting a hot dish gripper. It makes gripping those burning pans easy and practical because no matter how many times we have burnt the finger it is impossible to hold them for long.

Slip-On Bowl Spout

Dishing out curry and soup is a task hard to master but who needs to learn it anyway? With this intelligent slip on bowl spout, the contents can be poured without spilling here and there. It can be adjusted before pouring, and a stream of soup can be dished out into the smaller bowls quite easily. Hashtag no mess whatsoever.

Spice Diffusers

Imagine the amount of time saved if we can get the flavors out of herbs without having to chop them. This spice diffuser is a dream come true. You just have to put the whole herbs inside it and close it. The diffuser can be placed into the cooking soup or stock, and the small pores will add the flavor without any trace.

End Note

We have shared these gadgets with you because we understand how boring cooking can be only due to the toughness of little chores. These gadgets will turn cooking into an uber fun experience and will make you wonder how genius people are out there. Go get all of them and have fun in the kitchen without wasting time and getting it messy. Happy cooking you guys!

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