Keeping your home clean is one of the most important parts of a homemaker routine and as much as keeping their home clean they also want their kitchen to stand out. Since cooking is done on the almost daily basis in kitchen, it gets dirty more than any other part of the house. That is why maintaining good kitchen hygiene is essential as well as deep cleaning it is also required on a regular basis but still many homemakers ask how to clean our kitchen deep and where to start it?

Today I will share a complete checklist to deep clean your kitchen and methods you can do it:


1.  Start from inside the cabinets:

Usually, we have lots of leftovers and stored groceries which we haven’t used in ages and still they are lying at the back of your cabinets. Not only they consume lots of space but also makes it much difficult for you to clean your kitchen. That is why you need to take all the stuff out and throw or donate the things you don’t wish to use.

2.  Clean your cabinets:

As soon as you have made more space and everything is out, you need to wipe the surface of your cabinets with soap and warm water. Now wipe it with the surface with clean water and let it dry.

3.  Clean and wash the containers before placing it back:

There will be no deep cleaning if you have placed the containers back in the cabinets. That is why you can either clean the surface with soap and water and rinse or wipe it to get a better look or else, empty the containers in various bowls and wash it in sink or dishwasher. Place the ingredient back and place it in the previously cleaned cabinets.

4.  Stove, oven and chimney:

Usually, all these kitchen equipment are placed together and with continuous cooking and baking, you can see visible grease stains on it. That is why either take a professional grease stain remover from the market or mix two parts of baking soda with vinegar and make a thick paste. Place it all over the greasy surface and leave it for good ten minutes. Scrub the surface well and wipe it off with a clean wet cloth.

5.  Kitchen tiles and countertops:

Once two of your major places are clean, you can now come towards the kitchen tile and countertops. There can be much unnecessary stuff lying on your countertop which you can discard, please do so and give your kitchen less cluttered and spacious feel. Now once you have done that, remove everything from the counter and start scrubbing the surface with soap, water and sponge. Don’t forget the tiles and pay particular attention to the grease, if you need, use the grease remover liquid or the homemade baking powder and vinegar solution all over the place. Wipe all the places completely and let it completely dry.

6.  Pantry and utensil storage and organizing:

Usually, more than anything else, we need a good pantry organizer which will help you place everything where it belongs. You can see many DIYs and storage ideas for kitchen, utensils, cutlery and groceries, try one which suits best according to your space and needs. You might wonder what an organizing tip is doing in deep cleaning kitchen checklist than don’t worry, once you have organized your kitchen you will see major changes in it is.

7.  Fridge and freezer:

Both are one of the most important parts of our kitchen and without cleaning them, your kitchen will never be spotless. That is why you have to take out all the stuff and clean the interior as well as the exterior of your fridge and freezer. Arrange everything back and organize it. If you find extra food which is going to expire soon, you can use it or donate it to needy ones.

8.  Kitchen appliances:

The list of kitchen appliances is too long. You might have a toaster, coffee maker, juicer, chopper, blender, grills, rice maker, slow cooker, etc. which need to be clean on a regular basis. You have to arrange and clean them for long life and better performance. That is why take them out, clean it and place it back with all other components, arrange them back in the cabinet.

9.   Microwave oven:

If you have done everything, your microwave is still missing. That is why you have to turn it off, remove the plug and with a slightly wet sponge you have to clean the interior with little liquid soap. This way not only all your stains will be removed, but it will give a fresh smell to your oven. Before using it again, let it dry for a few more minutes.

10.    Sink and dishwasher:

As most parts of your kitchen are now clean, you can now clean your dishwasher and sink. Remover everything from the sink or dishwasher and scrub it with baking powder and vinegar. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it with warm water. If you have food smell in your dishwasher, run it with little vinegar and so that all the smell is gone.

11.     Your kitchen floor needs scrubbing too:

Most of the time we pay attention to all the places in our kitchen except for the floor. That is why clear the floor first and mop it to remove small dust and solid dirt particles from the floor. Now add some detergent with a grease-cutting solution on the floor and scrub it carefully. Make sure that no one comes to the kitchen when you are doing it or else they might slip over. Now when every part is done, you can clean it with water and mop it for a finished look.

If the kitchen is not deep cleaned now and then, it will increase the chances of bacteria growth, fungus, cockroaches and rats in the kitchen that is why it needs regular cleaning. You can also do many precautions to keep it clean for the longest time like placing a plastic sheet on the cabinet surface so that it will get less dirty, cover the stove tops with aluminum foils so that it will not get much grease and regular clean your dishes, counter top and floor to avoid any additional issues. Also, you can add fresh flowers and plants in the kitchen which will make it more fresh and green at the same time.

Author Bio:- Emilie Burstein is a professional content strategist these days working at a company providing carpet cleaning services in Canberra. She loves to write about passions, improvement, and other related niches!

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