Vapur Water Bottle Review

Vapur Water Bottle Review – Recently, I picked up a Vapur collapsible bottle at a kids’ store. I travel quite a bit, so the idea of a packable drinking option appealed to me. These bottles (or anti-bottles as they call them) can be flat packed because the container material is flexible. They come with a squirt sports top along with a carabiner clip so it can easily be attached to bags. You can also purchase plain screw-on caps if you don’t care for the sports top.I can see many possible uses for this ‘bottle’ because it packs so well. Whether you are trying to conserve space in a diaper bag, need another water container on a hot day, or traveling on long airline flight, this product can definitely come in handy.

At first I was worried about the opening being too small, but with a little bit of care I was easily able to pour from a Brita-filter pitcher into the bottle. Once there is enough water in the container, the bottom also expands so it can stand up on its own. You can also freeze liquids in it, wash it in the top-rack of your dishwasher, and it’s BPA free.Vapur Water Bottle Review

For me, however, this is going to be my airline bottle. A few weeks ago I was able to try it out on a trans-Atlantic flight and it worked quite well. With airport security how it is, I was able to empty the bottle before going through security and then refill it afterwards. It was a bit of a challenge filling it up at water fountains and admittedly, the bottle doesn’t hold that much water, but it did serve its purpose well.

My daughter actually liked it so much that she drank more water during the flight and flat out told me that the bottle was a very good idea. She liked how it fit nicely into the seat-back pocket and thought it was fun to drink out of. She did spill a few times at first because of how she grabbed it, but she learned quickly. The tendency is to grab it in the middle like any other bottle, but that ends up forcing the water out in a squirt. You sort of have to retrain yourself to grab it around the neck area and hold it gently. If you have a smaller child that isn’t used to drinking out of bottles or won’t understand the soft bottle concept, this product might lead to spilled liquids and may not be such a good idea.

Vapur Water Bottle Review – disadvantages

With that said, there are some other disadvantages. As mentioned above, it doesn’t hold that much water, and filling it when there isn’t good faucet clearance can be tricky. Also, the sports bottle cover tends to fall off and get lost, but that’s a problem with this type of drinking nozzle on other bottles too. And lastly, it isn’t insulated so if you put cold liquids in it, it will sweat and possibly get surrounding items wet.

Reviews on Amazon are good but mixed about this product. What I think is important is to keep in mind that this kind of bottle has a specific purpose: being packable. Insulating it and making the body more rigid to avoid spills would mean it no longer packs as well. There are many other products on the market if you want those features.

I will definitely be using the Vapur bottle when I travel on airlines and will likely be getting a second one for my daughter. One Vapur 16 Ounce Collapsible Water Bottle will cost about $8, but if buy them in two and four packs the cost comes down a bit.

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