What is a Water Ioniser?

A Water Ioniser is a device that uses electrolysis to separate water molecules into alkaline and acidic streams. It is used to improve the taste, pH level and mineral content of drinking water. Water Ionisers are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to improve their health and wellbeing. Learn more about Water Ionisers here.

In this day and age of stress, air pollution, poor eating habits and other problems that negatively affect our health, we should think about what we give our bodies. One of the basic substances for the human body is water. We drink several litres of it every day, and that is why we should pay attention to the water source, which influences what substances are in the water, and therefore we need to be careful not to harm the water more. To help us in this respect, we can use a device called water ioniser It transforms ordinary water into living water. For a list of the effects of living/alkaline water, see our blog .

What does a water ionizer represent?

This is a electronic water filter , thanks to which we get not only alkaline/alkaline – living water, but a by-product of the filtration process is also acidic/acidic – dead water , which also has its uses in the home (for example, due to its ability to destroy bacteria , microorganisms, moulds, yeasts , can replace antibiotics).

How does it work?

The water first passes through a pre-filter, which is either placed separately or forms part of the ionizer, where harmful chemicals and mechanical impurities are removed. When the water is ionized in the ionizer itself, only the pH and ORP are changed without the addition or removal of other substances as in other water treatment processes. For more information, see our second article on how a water ionizer works.

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) , abbreviated as redox potential, represents the value in mV of oxidizing and reducing substances in water. The process of oxidation represents the exchange of electrons between two atoms, with chemicals (such as chlorine or active oxygen) oxidizing, i.e. taking electrons, and conversely, reducing substances transferring electrons. Therefore, if we want to prevent undue oxidation in our bodies, we should take in as many substances with a high negative ORP as possible – ideally, we should drink live ionized water with an ORP of at least -300 mV, compared to ordinary drinking water, which has a redox potential value ranging from +200 upwards.

What are the main advantages of ionized water?

Aquatip® ION GOLD water ioniser

1. Antioxidation – Normal drinking water should be replaced with ionized water, especially since it has strong antioxidant effects. These are obtained with the help of active hydrogen in the electrolysis of water. Such water thus washes away acidic waste substances from the body and thus slows down the aging process.

2. Alkalinity – Through improper lifestyle, lack of exercise or stress, our bodies become overstressed, which negatively affects our health and leads to skin aging, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and other diseases. Ionized water with a high pH value has the ability to neutralize the acidic waste in the body, thus balancing the body’s pH and maintaining an alkaline environment beneficial to its proper functioning.

3. Hydration – Another advantage is its hydration capabilities, which will help your body not to be easily overwhelmed by fatigue, but you will be able to concentrate better on your work or other duties. Everybody knows that drinking is essential and with proper hydration our body works much better – ionized water has several times stronger hydration abilities than regular water, because it changes its structure from macro (cluster with 10-13 molecules) to microstructure (cluster with 5 -6 molecules), thanks to which it is absorbed into the cells faster.

Advantages of using a water ionizer:

  • – Alkaline water balances pH values in the body
  • Living water fights free radicals in the body and scavenges them.
  • – Even children can drink it
  • Water Ionizer from AQuator , which have the marking silver can not only produce ionized alkaline water, but can also produce acidic or silver water
  • – You don’t pollute the environment with a water ionizer plastic packaging
  • – You can use dead water for washing, cleaning food, disinfecting or treating wounds, for example, as it easily kills harmful bacteria.
  • – Dead water is also an excellent tool in the cosmetic industry,
  • – Acidic water helps with inflammation, eczema and other skin related problems.

Using water ionizers is not only good for our health, but it also helps the environment, which we can save us from plastics from store-bought bottled water. The prices of water ionizers, which range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros, are commensurate with how much we can save with them. In this case, however, it is really worth investing in a more expensive certified filter, which differs from cheaper options not only in terms of quality but also in terms of durability. These are trouble-free devices that do not require any maintenance for several years after the initial investment. Their final price also reflects the materials used in their production – the more expensive variants are electrolytic plates made of platinum and titanium, while the cheaper ones are copper plates.

If you can not choose a water ionizer? Or if you have questions about how the devices work, or want to ask about a specific device, feel free to contact our hotline where our trained staff will be happy to help you.

What is a Water Ioniser?

A water ioniser is a machine that uses electrolysis to separate tap water into two streams: alkaline water and acidic water. Alkaline water is thought to have a range of health benefits, including improved hydration and detoxification, while acidic water is used for cleaning and disinfecting. For more information, please visit Water for Life USA.

Benefits of a Water Ioniser

  • Produces alkaline water with a higher pH than regular tap water
  • Can help reduce acidity in the body
  • Can help improve hydration and absorption of essential minerals
  • Can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Can help reduce the risk of kidney stones
  • Can help improve energy levels
  • Can help reduce the effects of aging
  • Can help detoxify the body
  • Can help improve skin health

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, a water ioniser is the perfect solution! A water ioniser works by ionizing water molecules, making the water more alkaline and full of antioxidants. This helps to neutralize toxins, improve digestion, and make your body more alkaline. With a water ioniser, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy water without the hassle of finding a natural source. Try a water ioniser today and experience the health benefits for yourself!

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