What Are Sharpeners For and How to Choose

Sharpeners are essential tools for keeping your pencils and other writing instruments sharp and ready for use. Choosing the right sharpener for your needs is important for ensuring your writing utensils are sharpened properly and safely. This resource provides helpful tips for selecting the right sharpener for your needs.


For regular knife maintenance, a quality sharpener is always perfect for every cook. You will mainly encounter a sharpener in professional kitchens, but this kitchen helper can also be used in every household. Using a sharpener is easier than it might seem at first glance. It just requires a little practice and the right use, which everyone can do. Learning how to use a sharpener will keep your knives perfectly sharp and make your kitchen work easier.

Meet the sharpener

Quality sharpeners ensure perfect maintenance of your knives. You can use the sharpener to refresh the blade before every job in the kitchen. The sharpener will flatten microscopic irregularities that occur especially when cutting meat and hard surfaces. The knife will be perfectly sharp and ready for a precise cut. The sharpening part of the sharpener is made of different materials, you can choose a coarser or finer surface and always choose the length of the sharpener according to the size of your knives. For safe use and easy handling, the sharpener should be longer than your longest knife.

Dull knives do not belong in the kitchen

A dull knife in the kitchen is a clear lurking danger for the cook. If you choose to cut with a knife with a dull blade, you have to exert more force and risk slipping the knife and possibly injuring yourself. Every use of the knife affects its sharpness. Especially after cutting meat and hard surfaces, the blade becomes uneven. You can easily determine whether the knife needs to be sharpened or resharpened. Run the blade of the knife over flat paper and if the knife does not make a clean cut, use a sharpener. Repeat the test again. Still not satisfied with the cut of the knife? You will definitely need to move on to sharpening the knife.

A sharpener won’t save a dull knife

For really dull knives, put the sharpener away for a while and give the knives more intensive care in the first place. Knife sharpeners and whetstones can handle a really dull knife, can easily restore the original sharpness, and are good tools to use once in a while.

Electric and manual knife sharpener

This is the simplest way of sharpening knives. Both manual and electric sharpeners have preset angles, ensuring quick and easy handling. Stretch your knives with even pressure and after a few strokes, your knives are ready to work perfectly again.

Grinding stone for perfect sharpness

Choose the type of grinding stone according to the required coarseness for grinding. You will find sharpening stones for very dull knives or for normal sharpening. The coarseness of the grinding stones is marked numerically and the double-sided grinding stones offer practical use. Before use, immerse the grinding stone in water for a moment, then place on a non-slip surface and smoothly pass the stone at a 14 degree angle. Use the soft side of the grinding stone to remove any steel residue and smooth out any irregularities.

How to choose a quality sharpener

When choosing a sharpener, always keep in mind that the sharpener should be longer than the longest knife in your kit. This will ensure safe and easy handling when sharpening your knives. There are a huge variety of different types of sharpeners available on the market for professional chefs and home enthusiasts who want to keep their knives perfectly sharp at all times. You can sharpen your knives gently using the quality materials on offer, and if you prefer knives from a popular manufacturer, chances are you’ll find a quality sharpener from the same brand on offer.

Choose a quality material and the right shape

How to choose the right sharpener for efficient and easy use? Quality is the number one priority. Sharpeners vary in shape, length, degree of hardness and material used. Experienced cooks are more likely to choose a classic round sharpener. Oval-shaped sharpeners offer a faster sharpening thanks to their larger surface area and are therefore becoming increasingly popular.

What coarseness should I choose? Fine whetstones are used to polish and smooth the blade and are often used especially by professional chefs for regular knife maintenance. For normal home use, a medium coarse sharpener is best suited to help sharpen very dull knives.

The material of the sharpener should always be harder than the material of your knives. If you decide to invest in a set of quality knives, many of them include a quality sharpener that is precisely matched to sharpen your new knives.

Chrome-plated steel sharpeners

Fine sharpening of your knives is guaranteed by the chrome-plated steel sharpeners, which are very resistant to damage.

Diamond sharpeners

For precision sharpening of hard steel kitchen knives, the sharpeners with a high-quality stainless steel core coated with a fine diamond layer are especially suitable.

Ceramic sharpeners

When using a ceramic sharpener, you need to be more careful of damage. A ceramic sharpener allows for fine and clean knife sharpening, but the blade of the sharpener is fragile and requires careful handling.

How to use the sharpener effectively

A sharpener will perfect the not-so-dull edge of your knives. When using the sharpener, always keep a 15 to 20 degree angle between the blade and the knife. Hold the sharpener vertically in your left hand and rest it firmly on the counter. Grasp the knife in your right hand and in a smooth motion, begin to move it downward from one side and then the other. To keep your knives working for a long time, don’t overdo the sharpening. Just 10 or so gentle strokes and the knife will ride its own weight on the sharpening bar. Always wipe the sharpener after use.

Quality manufacturers for perfect sharpness

When choosing premium quality kitchen knives and sharpeners, it pays to play it safe. Kitchen utensils from world-renowned manufacturers guarantee the best quality. The combination of handmade and the latest technology is offered by IVO cutelarias, which will satisfy the demands of professional and home cooks. Stainless steel or diamond sharpeners from the Portuguese brand IVO will sharpen your knives perfectly in no time. For over a hundred years, the Swiss company Victorinox has been on the market with its cooking utensils with high durability and clean design. Quality stainless steel sharpeners made in various sizes will surely convince you of Swiss excellence. The satisfaction of customers all over the world is guaranteed by the German company Wüsthof. It boasts a range of professional knives and cooking utensils that reliably help in kitchens around the world. Thanks to its efficient and easy sharpening, the Wüsthof sharpener may be the obvious choice for you.

Proper care of kitchen knives

With a sharpener you already know how to work like a true professional, you can rely on it to make your daily work easier and revive the blades of your favorite knives. If you want to use your knives for many years, not only give them a good professional sharpening, but also give your knives plenty of care. Use your knives only for the purpose for which they were made. Otherwise you risk damaging the blade and dulling the knife unnecessarily. After each use, wash and dry the knives thoroughly and store them in a special place. Packaging made of durable materials protects the knives perfectly. If you are going on a trip or just a garden party, use the knife bags to safely move your kitchen helpers.

What are Sharpeners and How to Choose and Use Them?

Answer: Sharpeners are tools used to sharpen pencils and other writing utensils. The type of sharpener you choose depends on the type of pencil or writing utensil you are sharpening. Manual sharpeners are best for standard pencils, while electric sharpeners are best for colored pencils and other writing utensils. For more information on how to choose and use sharpeners, check out this guide.

What are Sharpeners For and How to Choose

  • Advantages of Sharpeners:
    • Sharpens pencils quickly and efficiently
    • Can save time when sharpening multiple pencils
    • Can produce a more precise point
    • Can help reduce the amount of pencil lead that is wasted
    • Can help reduce the mess created by manual pencil sharpening
  • How to Choose a Pencil Sharpener:
    • Consider the size of the sharpener and its portability.
    • Choose a sharpener that is able to sharpen multiple sizes of pencils.
    • Look for a sharpener that is easy to clean and maintain.
    • Consider the material of the sharpener and its durability.
    • Look for a sharpener that is designed with safety features.

Sharpeners are essential tools for keeping pencils and other writing instruments sharp and ready for use. When it comes to choosing a sharpener, you want to consider the size of the pencils you need to sharpen, the type of blade, and the size of the sharpener. For best results, choose a high-quality sharpener that will last for years to come. Don’t wait any longer – get your sharpener today and start writing with precision!

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