Welcome to our guide to why chefs don’t use salt shakers in their cooking! Salt is one of the most important seasonings in cooking, and while it’s easy to reach for a salt shaker, professional chefs rarely use them. Read on to find out why!


Why Chefs Don’t Use Salt Shakers

For many chefs, the salt shaker is an outdated method of seasoning dishes. Professional chefs prefer to season their dishes with kosher salt or sea salt because it provides a more consistent flavor than what a salt shaker can provide. Additionally, because of its larger size, kosher salt and sea salt can be easier to measure accurately. Furthermore, depending on the shape of the salt shaker, salt can sometimes clump together, which can lead to over-salting or under-salting dishes.

For these reasons, many chefs choose to season their dishes with other methods, such as by using a mortar and pestle to grind their own salt, or by using a salt cellar, which is a small bowl that can be used to store and easily scoop out salt.

If you’re looking to up your cooking game and season like a chef, you may want to consider ditching the salt shaker and switching to one of these other methods. For more information, check out this article from Cooking Light.

Why do chefs not use salt shaker?

Why do chefs not use salt shaker?

Chefs typically do not use salt shakers because they prefer to be able to control the amount of salt they are adding to a dish more precisely. Salt shakers can be difficult to measure with and may add too much salt to a dish. Professional chefs prefer to use a pinch of salt or to use measuring spoons in order to get the exact amount of salt they need.

Why Chefs Do Not Use Salt Shakers?

Chefs tend to not use salt shakers in their cooking as they prefer to have full control over the amount of salt they use. Salt shakers are designed to dispense a set amount of salt, which can often be too much for a particular recipe. Chefs rely on precision when cooking, and using a shaker does not always provide the desired level of accuracy. Chefs also prefer to use alternative forms of salt, such as sea salt or kosher salt, that cannot be dispensed through a shaker. The grains of these salts are coarser than regular table salt, and so need to be added differently. Finally, chefs may also prefer to use their hands to pinch and add the salt, as this gives them the greatest control over the dish’s saltiness.

This article is for anyone who wants to learn more about why professional chefs don’t use salt shakers. It aims to help you understand the reasons behind this choice and how salt affects the taste of food. (Main points: Reasons why chefs don’t use salt shakers; How salt affects the taste of food.)

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