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This can be accomplished with other sharpening tools besides water stones, we are talking about pull through devices here. I love those guys. I am saying that the absolute summit can only be reached with water stones. I was able to make knives sharp years ago, what propels me these days, what drives me to improve is the emotional feedback given to me by the entire sharpening process, this is not possible with a gadget and using one is like putting a piece of bread in the toaster. (not a good toaster either). Knife sharpener or steel. So what about a year later or two years later with hundreds of knives sharpened by both methods, freehand and guided? However, at what expense to the knife and also, do what degree of sharpness? Double-bevel edge showing 20+20=40Before getting into the detail, we’d like to make it clear how we talk about the angles on a knife. Sharpener – knife sharpener or steel But the simple, foolproof sharpeners we’ve picked here will satisfy most people, and they all do the job quickly. Quick and easy doesn’t really work. In fact, is it possible for that device to successfully meet even one of the criteria? It didn’t work for knife sharpening though. The conical shape of the jag saw provides the ability to \\\”\\\”climb\\\”\\\” to most teeth. More Advice and Theory on Sharpening Angles for Knives The bottom line, the beauty of this is that the two methods of sharpening complement each other. Move into the $40 to $50 range, and you begin to see more solid results. However, the disadvantages are so many—expense, mess, learning curve, maintenance, and the sheer time involved—that we dismissed them out of hand. Again, The Sweethome is dedicated to finding the best things for most people, and most people rightly find stones and jigs to be a bit of overkill.\\\” Sharpening knives has a multitude of personal rewards attached to it, these are what you should strive for and hang on to. Choosing an angle to sharpen your knife is essentially a compromise between the sharpness and the durability of an edge. These angles are still not highly durable as a total angle under 40 degrees will not respond well to rougher treatment in harder materials. This does not mean that talented folks using other methods can make knives extraordinary sharp, they do it every day, In this range, the knife edges are considerably more durable. While the edge may not ultimately cut as well (but you may not notice a difference) it will be considerably more durable. Because most “complete” knife sets come with a honing steel, it’s easy to think that’s all you need. WHY NOT CHOOSING BOTH SHARPENING METHODS? Best knife sharpener – knife sharpener or steel



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