XENOPHOBIA – fear of the unknown or strange things. This won’t be a perfect word definition because the little monster has already been identified as a virus that slithers in the unseen and kills but can be counteracted through certain hygiene practices. ‘Fear of the unseen’! Perhaps we can call it “Seenophobia!”

Not Today Covid19 Sign On Wooden Stool

Enough is enough!

The majority of the world’s population is now confined indoors for most of the time. Those who are opposed to the system and to change have a thing or two to say about things many aren’t talking about. Some are taking this as a grand opportunity to bond and reunite with family – mending broken relationships and forgiveness with the inevitability of death so evident. However, even with all the precautions being taken, kitchen cleaning hacks have become paramount with more families consuming more food thus making the kitchen place a favorite for many.

Perhaps it’s time to create a different sensation in your cook-room with these kitchen cleaning tips. Just in case you would like to restock some tools, you can source out the best kitchen appliances at mykitchenadvisor.com. You’ll find a variety here if you’d like to do an upgrade at fair prices. Let’s now get down to kitchen cleaning!

Mona Lisa With Face Mask

Let’s equip ourselves and know how to tackle these unseen monsters post-corona!

  1. You Eat as a Family, You Clean as a Family

It’s not simply a matter of kitchen cleaning; it’s all about doing it with purpose. You’ll probably never get another chance to spend such a long time with your kids. Use this time and kitchen cleaning as a tool to instill discipline in them.

  1. Make Kitchen Cleaning Fun

Add some humor and glamour to it by making a competition out of it and finding out who will clean the best and fastest. They may probably come to get bored with kitchen deep cleaning, but let them understand that eating comes with associated responsibilities – it’s fun seeing them sulk once in a while.

  1. Cleaning is Not Sanitizing
Person Washing Hands

Complement hand washing with soap

Some folks will opt to use vinegar or alcohol when cleaning kitchen cabinets and refrigerator handles but this is not 100% effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses. Sure, you might wipe off the dust and some germs but for the highly touched surfaces and appliances, using a sanitizer is the best option. This can be home-made and applied to towels and use the towels to clean. Check to see if your dishwasher or dryer has a sanitize-cycle option. This would come in very handy.

  • Keep a Record of ‘Kitchen Cleaning’ Rights!

The Good Book warns against keeping a record of wrongs. We encourage you to keep a record of rights. Once you have gotten the hang of how to cleaning kitchen and have finished up with your kitchen cleaning checklist, remember to take before and after pictures to not only encourage you guys to do better but also to floss and challenge someone out there. It’s worth your time.

  • Meticulous is the Word

You have to be thorough and consistent. Come up with your weekly kitchen cleaning schedule since it is used daily. Give a day each to the mostly unused stuff while you dedicate 2 days to carry out a thorough entire kitchen cleaning. Use your disposable gloves if necessary.

  • Shortage of Supplies

In case you run out of kitchen cleaning supplies, make sure you have learned how to make your home disinfectant using CDC’s guidelines. Transfer food into clean non-porous sanitized containers. If not using disinfectants, any soap will do the trick. Just make sure your own hands are properly washed before and after the kitchen cleaning exercises.

  • Other Measures

You won’t be spending all your time in the kitchen, will you? Let all the rooms be aerated with windows open.

  • Consistency Everywhere

Make it a habit to clean the devices you usually neglected like your phones, televisions, microwaves, sanitize the stairway rails, doorknobs, table surfaces, and the likes.

Person Holding Smartphone

Never thought we’d be cleaning our phones every day!


After all, is said and done, life is just but a passing glance – it slips away too quickly without realizing it. Therefore, spend every moment caring, giving, laughing, loving, praying, playing, smiling, or even dancing. Your life is too fragile to be scared by this ‘seenophobia’! It is much better to spend every moment living as though you won’t see the next and if you do, be grateful to the Almighty and keep on giving and loving.

How are you spending your quarantined moments?

Author’s Bio:

Malcolm Cano has been writing all about Food & Kitchen related topics for 2 years. As a dad, he really appreciates making parenting easier with his tips. Also, he had a lot of home improvement ideas to share.

Malcolm specializes in plant-based diets. Besides nutrition, Malcolm is also a physical exercise enthusiast who believes that diet and exercise go hand in hand for a healthy body and mind.

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