Vacu Vin Glass Markers Creepy Creatures

Vacu Vin makes these neat little rubber glass markers to keep track of drinks. Guests at a party can simply stick one of the unique suction figures to a glass and know which one is theirs throughout the night. I’ve tried them out on wine glasses and they work so-so. They tend to pop off over time, and because they protrude from the glass and are made of tacky rubber, they often get ripped off if rubbed against something. It’s a great idea, but it is more funky and cool than practical. I just use a sharpie to write a person’s name on the glass, and it washes right off with soap and water.

With that said, my daughter did enjoy playing with them and sticking them to glassware and the granite countertop. I could definitely see using the glass markers as an incentive to eat food or to occupy a kid at the table. Just keep in mind that the the Vacu Vin website says that they are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Vacuu Vin has several themed sets: Creepy People, Christmas Crowd, Football Friends, and Party People. You can buy the sets at Amazon, and they usually sell from $7 to $15 per set.

Glass Markers Creepy Creatures

This is a set of 24 glass markers that can be used to add a bit of spooky fun to any glassware. They are made of durable material and can be reused again and again. The set includes 12 different designs, so you can create a different look each time.

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